‘Stressy Day’ wine


Evening my dolls of delight!

Well, today was stressy and only stressy due to stupid shit and if i hate anything…i despise ‘stupid shit.’ The kinda shit that doesn’t matter when you look at the big picture of life and why we all do it! The kinda shit that only the negative dwell on because they have nothing more exciting going on in their own dandy lives.

Today… was filled with that kind of shite…and well even though do i not suffer fools that well, i’m quite kind hearted, therefore if i feel as though i’ve been more than favourable and it has been belly flopped back at me (I’m a glamour puss…we don’t enjoy belly flops 😉 ) i simply shove it in my ‘no thank you’ box and file it under ‘bad times.’

The good thing is i’m HAPPY. Really happy. That’s just the nonsense that it sprinkled over my inner ‘good times,’  right now. I’m working my notice at my day  job, i’m already working my new job, i cannot WAIT to luanch my eyelash lien this Christmas and well the babies….I ADORE THE BABIES! They are my world. I’ve giggled, laughed and played with them all evening and well i’m pretty lucky to be blessed with such a gorgeous little family.

Yesterday, my ‘Chrissie Wunna’ eyelash line GIFT BAGS, arrived! YES! I designed them…coloured them and found someone to print them up, make them for me and deliver them to my door!

It’s awesome because everything seems so real now, so i’m dead excited! My lashes are still yet to come, but once they’re here and i’ve sorted out my online store…we’re off and ready to ‘cha ching’ you all in!

I can’t wait!!

Things are going so well right now that i feel as though i could spit at it would turn to gold. 😉 *Wiggle wink.*

The good thing about me is that i’m a tryer and God loves a tryer doesn’t he! 🙂

I have the happiest babies in all the land. (Junior wkaes up every morning and forces me to put the Kayne West ‘Gold Digger’ song on so he can dance to it. 🙂 ) Christmas ( my fave time of year) is en route…on it’s way…about to POP. It’s also my birthday this Crimbo!(Wahoo)  I can’t wait to launch my business, i’ts eyelash luxury brand galore. I’m about to embrace my new job. I have a wonderful group of friends, an amazing family and right now, i’m drinking ‘stressy day’ wine. Always the best kinda of evening tipple!

Love you dolls.

Stay tuned…

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