Stop Acting like a Stag Do!



Okay, so we left the forest this morning and let me tell you nothing is more ‘sad face’ than having to wave *bye-bye* to your holiday of utter peace and luxury, as you step out of the pool of harmony and back into the real world. It’s heart breaking. However, the positive to it all is that i’ll be back in April, I’ve had a wonderful time and next time I get to take my gorgeous little girl. I usually have a ‘Princess weep’ on the last day or the morning we leave, yet although I was deflated and sad to be leaving I didn’t cry this time and I didn’t cry because I had left a very important piece of me behind and well to any one who is a mum, that in itself is horrific. It’s not the feeling of leaving your right arm behind, nor is it like you’ve forgotten something. It’s more the feeling of leaving of leaving your heart and entire world behind at nursery and it’s a really difficult thing for any mum to try and deal with. (Well good mum’s anyway. πŸ™‚ I mean ‘party’ mums, would rather be out on the razzle than snuggling their little one to sleep.) I’m not that at all, so yeah even though i’ve adored every single minute of my holiday break and loved treating Keiran to his birthday getaway. The forest is literally our favourite retreat ever! It was difficult not being with my daughter for so long. I missed her every moment that passed….that I could even have a bit of a cry now just because i’m finally gonna get to see her! I’m SO excited, i can’t even breathe. So yeah, no tears for me whilst leaving this time and simply because my heart had been left at home. You can sort of justify being away if you’re working, as you’re bringing in the money, meaning you are doing it for the good of Β your glitzy loin fruit. Yet when you go away to simply have a good time….you feel…well odd. It doesn’t feel right, to be having a good time without her and simply because I can’t. But it wasn’t my birthday and it wasn’t my choice. So…there you have it. Now i get to spoil her senseless and I can’t WAIT!! Nothing means more to me than that little girl and well to think that I was away in luxury without her…is not nice. I weirdly never feel the ‘ah thank god we don’t the kids here feeling.’ I mean I hear people say it and nod and smile along…but I never feel it, as I’d always rather have her with me, regardless and I guess that’s the difference between being a Mum and being a Dad.

But yes! I loved my time on holiday…and nothing is funnier than standing in your kitchen, freezing cold…in an updo and a faux fur, with your arms crossed, not knowing what to do with yourself. It was a peaceful time and well i feel lucky to have been able to experience it again. I’m glad that Sharn and Phil adored it. Phil managed to singe his eyebrows one morning in the woods. He was hilarious because he kept finding excuses to wander outside and smoke. (‘Ooh i’ll go check the temperature of the hot tub!/I’ll go feed the birds!/I need to go get the hoover, it’s in the van…OUTSIDE.’ πŸ™‚ It was great!) I do actually feel bad for him because Keiran’s signed him up to all sorts of activities when we go back in April. All he wants is to chill in the hot tub all day with the girls and rightly so! Yet Keirans is making him and the rest of the boys do 8 mile bike rides, on dirt tracks through the forest, go karting, running…and lord knows whatelse! Phil probably only agreed to the bike ride because he fancied a smoke and a bit of piece from the kids. He wanted to do the route that was fit for families and prams. But no, Keiran’s adamant that all men going to the forest with us the next time will be doing every activity under the sun! PAHAHAHA! Poor Phil! Rather him than me, I’m a chill time hot tub kinda gal!! I go on holiday for a rest, not a bike ride.

Sharn was ace, because Sharn and I are quite similiar in the way we think and the things we like. We both enjoy luxury, no stress and no responsibilities…and to be waited on. So we were bathing hot tub, basking in the forest sunlight that beamed through the trees, figuring out ways to get everyone to do everything for us in April. πŸ™‚ A girl after my own heart! πŸ™‚ (We actually have the same birthday also!) The good thing is that she had an amazing time….so amazing that red wine and champers got the better of her and a great deal of funny picture taking, dancing with mops, being Rocky Balboa and basic happiness occurred. I watched as I was laid on my back on the sofa rubbing my preggo belly. Sharn’s quite entertaining to watch during after hours. πŸ™‚ The next night she felt it though….we all did, as we all seemed to just pass out and go to bed after an evening bubbled up tub session.

Now, Sharn and Phil came for two days and well little hubby Keiran was on his best behaviour…which I like. Poor thing couldnt’ sleep all night because he didn’t want to leave this morning. He was and literally still is quite glum about it al. It’s really hard driving away from your cabin on check out morning. It’s just an amazing holiday and we’ve now stayed in cabin 5, 7, 4, 54, we’ve booked 10, 16 and number 8 for Christmas. πŸ™‚ I loved seeing him so happy and well if you’re going to do something to cheer someone up, and you do it whole heartedly in order to make them smile…it makes that glint in their eye….completely worth it. We’re a very lucky couple! We get to do a lot of things together and treat each other to delightful bits of joy, so even though i didn’t have my Baby Ruby, making him happy for a good 4 days was certainly perfect!

But yeah…like I said, the first two days he was on his best behaviour…or should I say just LESS DRUNK. OMG! When Sharn (who is his bit sister) left, he was naughty, naughty, naughty..shouting, running around, and doing it all naked, whilst demanding all sorts of sordid muckiness, at the same time as smearing his privates in strawberry ice cream and hitting me in the face with it. He was insane!! Happy…very happy! But like I said…INSANE!

He did eleven hours in the hot tub that day, which was glorious. Yet i had to shout at him in the end for being a nuisance, which made him swim over to the other side of the tub and have a sulk. He then fell asleep bless him…and boy did he need it. I’m patience with his silliness for a while….then i get annoyed with it and have to tell him off. Lol. ‘Stop acting like a stag do!!!’

Yesterday was ‘Steak and Blowjobs’ day. A pointless holiday for men. They see Valentine’s as shit. I mean how many times have you heard them call it ‘pointless’ or ‘just a Hallmark holiday, ‘ because they apparently show us women love EVERY day. Really? Coz I don’t get flowers EVERY DAY or a card stating how much i’m adored. A day of love should be celebrated always in my mind. But March 14th, ‘Steak and Blowjobs’ day really is pointless. Keiran got chicken and nagging instead…and no, he’s not hard done by. He got his steak and his ‘you know what’ on another day. Yet just not on the day when we as women we’re told WE HAD TO perform. We’ll perform when we want, thank you! πŸ™‚

Loved every minute of our holiday! Last night we truely enjoyed our time at Sherwood and I sent ‘The Hubs’ a picture, one that include shim being naked, with a playing card and a mop. (What is it with Thompson’s and mops???’ πŸ™‚ ) The message underneath it read,

‘When you’re 60, i’ll remind you that you were once an idiot. πŸ™‚ Love you x’

Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday! Apparently my boliers gone on the blink. Great! Fun! Perfect for snapping you back to reality!







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