Stepping Up MY Game & The Sassy Art Of Focus

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Everything couldn’t be acer. I’m feeling on top of the world and i’m feeling giddy, almost like i’m filled with utter excitement. As I said in the last blog, a wonderful change is about to occur in Wunna Land and it’s making me feel empowered, confident, brave and finally exactly where I had hoped to be career wise.

It’s something that I’ve always wanted, therefore to have a shot, a tinker at a dream, a chance at a goal…a brand new thing…just feels wonderful.

You’re all going to be very shocked. I’m feeling as though i’m finally en route. I’m feeling challenged in a really satisfying way. I’m ready now. I’m really really ready now.

But happy Frinally. Hope you’re all great! I’m currently rocking my new rings from ‘Lovisa.’ Y’know, the ‘one on everything finger’ thing. I feel all hip, all cool, all swigedy, swigedy, swaggy. It’s a box i’m quite comfy in. (What a surprise! The Ego never fails me.)

Talking about ‘Ego’ we’re all headed their tonight for drinks and dinner. When I say we’re, Ruby, Junior and I, will be meeting the rest of The Wunna’s, once I’ve done the school run.

We always eat out on a Friday. I like to kick start the weekend with a celebration. I love the weekends, because I adore being with the bambinos. They crack me up. I’m really proud of how confident they’re grown. They’re just so big now. I feel like the luckiest Mama in the world. No matter what drama life throws at us, together we’re invincible and we do it with laughter.

(I’m currently blogging from Waterstones, Doncaster.)

‘DBear,’ is the most wonderful soul. He’s strong. His mind is strong. His heart is strong. He inspires others and thrives off that feeling of goodness.

He’s like a silent hero.

I understand how he’s done so well in life. He is mentally unbreakable and filled with nothing but love and gentleness.

He’s one of the loveliest people I’ll ever know. I hope I know him forever.

This morning I was moaning, about having to learn something for something. (All stuff. I can’t tell you about.) And with a sturdy, yet magical wave of inspiration, he assured me that I could do it!!! He reminded me to CONCENTRATE on what I WAS DOING (I like to be distracted) …and encouraged me to gather my nerves and transform them into controlled excitement.

The kind of excitement, that puts fire in your eyes. It blazes, but it’s calm. It’s mighty, but it’s focused. It’s warm. It smiles. It’s alive.

I’m like that anyway. Yet, I kinda pretended that I wasn’t as dynamic as him, for some reason? Like I was a little weaker than I am? Haha. I don’t know whether it was because I wanted my back stroked a little, or what? Haha. I’m such a girl.

Y’know, he has this way of making me feel very girlishly nurtured, in the loveliest way possible. I listen to him, because he doesn’t force me to. I listen to him because he respects me always. I listen to him because he understands me.

I never get to feel girlishly nurtured, because i’m a ‘powerhouse,’ innit. Haha. Yet, I love feeling that way. I love learning. I love listening. I love those who Inspire me.

DBear: ‘You can do this. Just concentrate on it and work hard.’

Me: ‘I know. You’re right. I just like to say whatever I want to say, instead.’

DBear: ‘Haha. You got this. Focus!’

Anyway, i’m feeling the love, because not only am I proud, but the parents (the ‘rentals’) are all proud as punch. For some reason, that makes me happy. It fills me with ‘kid did good’ vibes. Haha.

Brother: ‘Great! Another thing Chrissie’s done. Whooppeeee!’

I feel like i’m being creepy right now? Like why am I so happy that i feel all girly and kid like? It’s odd. But I’m enjoying it.

Anyway, away from that because I can’t be arsed to type anymore. I’m feeling great. I’m eating clean. I’m taking care of myself. I’m loving every piece of my life. I have new everything There’s a new chapter approaching. I’m stepping up my game and my look is being given a kitty whizz of ‘ooh laa.’

Make sure you have a cocktail!

Happy Friday.

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