Steak & What??


That’s what I thought you said…. Lol.

I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that not a single being gives two shites about ‘steak and blowjob’ day. Lol. Men don’t deserve a day of that sort, unless they’ve made you completely and utterly happy. If you don’t know what i’m on about….every March 14th is actually a holiday for Men, celebrated a month after Valentine’s day, where in which their partners treat them to a steak and a blow job. AS IF!

First of all, i’ve far more romantic and whimsical than that. Second of all, of you haven’t done anything for me, then you’ll get absolutely nothing lol, in return and i’ve had loads of boys, girls, friends….all sorts, do lots of lovely things for me, be they kind, romantic or surprising….so a definite STANDARD has been set in Wunna land. A HIGH ONE. So even though I may not say anything, i watch, take note…and alter my way accordingly.

Like I always say, by nature, i’m really generous, really giving. But i’m not a twit. Lol. I’l be giving, giving, kind kind, to a point and when i know it won’t ever be reciprocated…i don’t bother…as that’s just the same as being taken advantage of…which i despise. And i despise it, because i NEVER do it.

So yes, girls…please don’t give two hoots about Steak & Blow job day today. UNLESS your other half truly deserves it and has looked after you well! 🙂 Then for sure!!!

Juan Pablo Tweeted me again! He’s my favourite bachelor! So again, it makes me smile.

I can’t believe that we’re half way through March, already! Time is flying. I’m having such a lovely day and life is just as it should be! I can’t drink though! I don’t know what’s wrong me, but i haven’t drank in weeks now and there was even one point, where in which i sipped a Pina Colada and couldn’t do anymore of it? So, my body is currently completely rejecting alcohol. Less calories for me, I guess! Good going body! Pat on the back!

What else? Oh yes. I have an option of going on a job interview is I wanted today. New field. New money. So, if i want to, it’s there….However it wouldn’t be until later in the day, so i’ll see. I was telling one of my work colleagues about it at the weekend…and well all they said to me was to ‘go for it,’ to not feel bad for anyone else and ‘to do what’s right for you.’ People sometimes forget to do what’s right for them, as they spend so much time worrying about how other people (who wouldn’t put them first) would feel. I’m a sucker for it. But not now. I’ll go. We’ll see.

Y’know who was really helpful during my week of being ill…aside from my lovely Mother. Pete! Pete and I always get on well. As he’s grown up, he’s turned super self sufficient guy and has always been a great dad. We co parent Ruby really well together. But during that last week, when i needed help (all three of us were super ill, drained, working…sorting out childcare, feeling shattered)…and without a single bit of prompting…he offered to help all the time… constantly….and did.  Infact, both Dad’s did. And they didn’t just do it for the babies, they did for Me. So i’m pretty lucky.

I mean, as any working Mum knows, a simple text ‘hope you’re okay’ text, isn’t any help at all. Is it? You need, full on, proper grown man, hands on help. And that’s the different between a boy and a boy that’s finally developed into a man, as they’re no longer a kid and they no longer need to be babied, tended to, to be ‘the focus’…and no longer let their mum do they’re ironing lol…and instead they take the lead, come into your world, when they know you need help and clear out the hard bits to make life easier for you. BOOM!

Pete and Keiran are both really different boys. Yet one of the things they have in common…other than that factor of ‘Wunna,’ is that they are both Men of the above sort. They are hands on, problem solvers, who march into my world and sort it, when i need help. I must like that in men, as i’m always too proud to ask for help. Of course. But i’m the first person to soldier through and help anybody, when they need it and without them having to ask.

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