Staying in with Wunna, Boys and Charm


So, i stayed in all weekend and i couldn’t have felt better for it. I simply chilled, embraced being ‘Mama’ and refused to venture out, all night to ‘party party’ under the night stars! Didn’t i do well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyone tended to ‘Mortal Saturday,’ whilst I did ‘Staying in with Wunna’ night…which was originally labeled ‘titties and noodles’ night, yet my phone wanted to spell it incorrectly and went with ‘tories’ and noodles night. ๐Ÿ™‚

I received loads of last minute text messages, but in the end Nick (as in Knight) popped over, at the speed of light, with his date ‘Hana’..and well ‘Staying in with Wunna’ night ended up being AWESOME. (Much better than ‘Mortal Saturday.’ HAHAH.

I don’t know what happened, but Nick took it upon himself to be really great with Ruby and Junior. I mean, he loves playing ‘Cool Uncle Nick’ with them anyhow, yet this time, after we ordered pizza, he went for it…and well did really well, as he only broke ONE of there toys this time, fought ‘Jack Frost,’ actually sat and read them a story about some ‘ginger kid on a bus’ and made Baby Junior his favourite.

I mean, after Rum and Vanilla coke, he was cuddling up to my second piece of loin fruit, raising him as his own, buying him his first baseball cap and promising my son, a lifetime an eternal bliss. HAHAH. That’s what rum does.

Hana was great with Ruby…and let Rubes put all sorts in her hair for kicks, as she entertained and distracted my first born from bad behaviour.

It was great and a sort of ‘heart to heart’ occurred, which i thoroughly enjoyed.

Great night. You kinda had to be there.

But the evening was filled good clean fun, laughter, open expression, rum, malibu and babies. Awesome combination.

I’m really liking Nick and Hana right now and i have no clue how Nick has popped back into Wunna land, out of the blue, but he has and i don’t really see it as a bad thing, as we get along great. I mean, he’s been friends with Ben for a really long time and to be honest, in the last few weeks, he’s been pretty helpful.

‘Staying in with Wunna’ night rocked…and well…he stated that I could pop around to his ANY time, even with the babies for a chillax, if i wished, since we only live 2 mins away from one another.

Sunday came and i was fresh as a daisy. Weirdly so was Ben, as i thought he’d be certainly ditching doing any kind of Sunday for rest.

But nope, he was up early and ready for steak…so Junior and I met him at The Carleton for lunch…and after banter, chitter chatter and ‘hair of the dogs’ and beef jerky…we were joined by Rich and Katty, where we gathered ourselves together and tended to life, banter and gossip over steak and Junior passed out asleep in our booth (which gave my ninja knees a rest, as he doesn’t have like to jump on them continuously.)

Ben and I get on really really well now and we’re closer than most would think. In fact, no, that’s wrong as now most people seem to just know that we’re close..and i sort of enjoy where our ‘getting on..ness’ is taking us, as we’ve accidentally come along way from when we initially first met. It’s actually been AGES now, to the point where i’m impressed. It’s been a slow moving process…but i guess a slow moving process that has seemed to have worked out swimmingly. We’ve had some really great moments that i guess no one would ever know about and the odd bad moment that has occurred, we’ve managed to curb kick away with laughter and a high five. I’ve observed every bit of it…and yeah, right now i’m really grateful to have him around.

Rich, i’ve known forever. Katty and i get on great and we all did eating and drinks, until we could do it no more. I had to shoot off home to retrieve Ruby, and Rich and Katty ventured back into town.

Ben came back to mine, simply because he needed some chill time. He’s been burning the candle at both ends too, of recent and Nick has left shit loads of pizza from the night before.

You can’t tell Ben that and think he won’t want to eat it.

So he laid on my sofa, ate leftover pizza, watched Karate Kid, Spider man and something else, with Ruby and Junior…

Then we chitter chatter, created more moments and i fell asleep to Gordon Ramsey, before getting up for work the next morning.

My Monday was easy, because Lorraine was there. She really makes a difference to my Monday as it’s always better when you have someone you adore and get on with so well, greeting you when you arrive.

As soon as I sauntered in, everyone made fun of my coat…and when that happens, in our place of work, you kinda get all warm and fuzzy on the inside, because you know that you are adored. ๐Ÿ™‚ It settles you right in. ๐Ÿ™‚

Easy day. Great day.

Got home and chilled with babies. Loved every moment of it.

I adore my mum completely because earlier in the day I was totally craving dim sum…as we had brought it up at The Carleton randomly, when we were talking ‘Chinese supermarkets.’ As soon as I get home…My mum texts me telling me she’s coming over and she has dumplings. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Y’see, this is how i’ve learnt to be mega awesome. I’m naturally a generous person and I’m that person because my mother is the exact same way. But what’s great about her, is the simple fact that if she loves you, or even if she doesn’t…she loves to make people happy. So, if you wished for anything, my mama, would make sure it happened for you. I’m like that. I’m awesome at little surprises, big surprises, and just doing the little things for people that might make their life a little bit better, or just make them smile for a second. She taught me how to be the best chick i could ever be because under a whole lot of fake tan, eyeliner and Diva bullshit…i’m actually accidentally really lovely. It shocks people sometimes…but i like it. I can be ‘diva’ and i don’t take shit. But underneath it all, i’m pretty laid back and loving. I sort of buy into the tale of ‘Chrissie Wunna’ because it makes me laugh. I’m gonna do well. Yet, i think for those who don’t know me, or want to hate me, it’s hard because i’m smeared in excessive charm. Glittery charm. A charm that is so dangerous that simple wink and a smile, could sent your heart all a ‘melt.’ You kinda want to hate me…but after a good Wunna natter…you can’t help but adore me. PAHAHA. It’s totally a talent i’m sure.

Anyway, this year i’ve been a proper ‘do gooder.’ All by accident, but allย good karma? Well i hope it is??? Either way, it makes me feel great, so that’s all that matters.

So, if i was to give you a quick roundup…I’d say this…I’ve started a diet. I’ve aced it all day. I’m apparently competing with Ben to see who ‘hottest’ by the end of the month…I’ll obviously win this and i’ve told him that! He just wants a cocktail at the end of the month…as i guess that’s the prize?? In fact, he actually has his driving theory test tomorrow (Tuesday) which I guess is part of his birthday present. He’ll pass it with his eyes closed, but we’ll wish him luck anyway. He’s Wunnafied now and when you’re Wunnafied great things happen to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

People have been good. People have been odd. But on the whole, i’m really happy. I’m really really happy. I mean i went into work giddy this morning and filled with this beam and ‘life is super good’ right now.

I’m getting ready to work hard on the lash line. I’m really excited for it and i couldn’t thank you enough for coming along on my journey with me.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Big Kisses,

Chrissie x






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