‘Sss’ is for Sunday

Morning my hot pieces of ‘hubba.’ (Not ‘bubba.’) Sunday is usually always chill day and in my case and simply because I never work on a Sunday…it’s family day. I’m meant to be buying a new cooker and tv…Oh and a floor lamp, yet instead i’m enjoying time with the babies and making them do a ‘life at home’ photoshoot, shot by ME, at home…on my phone and simply so that I can place the black and white versions of these piccies in very glamourous frames and place them up on my living room walls. It’s cool, simply because it shows how we do life in that exact room. (I’m doing it for each room..and later, once the home is complete, doing it with others who visit and let me picture take.) I adore documenting life…as you may have been able to tell and I hate anyone who tells me off for it. I can do whatever I want and simply because…i love life in general.

It didn’t take that long actually, as i have attention seeking children, who love having their picture taken. Well…Baby 1 doesn’t…unless it’s an actual professional photshoot. 🙂 Baby 2 LOVES the art of ‘le pose.’ Luckily, their gene pools make them pretty good at ..well let’s call it…’their close ups.’ Lol.

Look, it went well..

Okay, so i’ve got to purchase a dress and i’ve got to do it online simply because after tomorrow i won’t have time to shop for one and I need it for Saturday because I’m doing York races with Miss. Blond Emma Hartington, Mr.Goodhall, his business partner….and friends.

Rich has got us a box their to swan around in during the day, so it’ll be really good to have a great day out…but only if i look fabulous…because you can’t swan around looking…well…shit. It’s against glamour puss code. It’s like the art of an argument. You can’t do it well in rubbish attire. The hotter you look, the better…when you’re a girl…and argueing. Plus, at least we get to do the races ‘bouji’esque… 🙂 I have no idea what that means, but i’m gonna go with ‘better than everyone else.’ Lol But yes, dress…needed…pronto. (Can anyone say ‘Celeb Boutique’ much?)

I’m currently eating Wotsits by toy trucks on a Black and white union jack rug. I don’t know what to do with myself because i have no work, Rubes has gone off to play and Junior is napping. I could do a wine, yet then i won’t get any of my errands done, like tv and cooker purchasing…innit.

We’re all getting the Wazza & Hannah wedding invites now and one by one we keep popping one open and photographing it, like we’ve won some kind of Golden Ticket. 🙂 I love it. I hope I get to be Verruca Salt. (Is that even her name?)

But i’m feeling great, i’m feeling sexy, i’m finally over breeding. Getting back to yourself after babies takes a while,if not ages. And when you have TWO..it takes longer. I finally graduated and hit the finish line with a smile. I’m back to being Me and everyone can tell, as i’m glowing with enthusiasm again…and i’m loving every bit of life. I’m back to being fit, healthy, chipper. Fun loving and social…and still everyone’s favourite glamour puss. I’m even back to being funny…which is odd…and i’m weirdly a lot nicer than i ever thought? Lmao.

Anyway, i’m off to have a vino and put away toy trucks, with Disney eyes on.

I love you.

Happy Sunday x

Peace out, Dolls!








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