Square one

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So, i’m just gonna sum my bank holiday weekend up with drinking and socializing. Met up with friends. Did lots of drinking, Had lots of fun. Ended up in Alley ca zams in Pontefract, with old friends, doing cocktails. Fun night actually. But no one was on the Wunna party bus. However, still, I’m grateful for a good time…and i’ll give it that.

I worked today, both day job, audition and lash line. And yeah it was hard to go back to day job after an actual 3 days off in a row, lol, yet it’s worth it. I work hard. But now, i do think it’s time to begin to fully empire build, as i’m in a really great place. So, even though i’ve just come back from a Quiz night at my favourite pub in Pontefract, the ‘Tap and Barrel,’ where i enjoyed a pate board and lost the quiz by 3 points…whilst hanging with good friends and in my head sort of reminiscing about the past. (The dude with ‘quiz joggers’ came in and ruined lives. Y’know, what i mean, those quizzers that go around just doing quizzes all the time, but this one in joggers…and well they win every quiz non stop, meaning i don’t get a look in at prizes…which annoys me when winning means booze.) Dodge had chaffing nipples. Luke didn’t smoke. Paige had just finished at KFC and Tony was glum because everyone says he’s a ‘snake.’ We didn’t win at all and just ate some sandwich platter where in which we were told to ‘find the pork pie’ that was hidden under a bunch of junk food. The prize being pickle. (That would only happen in Ponty.)

Right now, i’m feeling so, so. Like i’ve completely concentrated on the wrong things and let my focus go astray. I haven’t really been treated as well as i think i should’ve…and often…and when that happens, it isn’t a bad thing, it’s great because it makes me withdraw, relook at my drawing board and get my priorities back into place. Which is something i need to do massively.

I’d say, two months ago, i was feeling much better than i do now and i’m not feeling bad, as i’m ever so lucky in life…yet feeling somewhat disappointed.

Right now, everything shuffles into place and everything gets back into order. What have i even been doing?

I mean for a human to feel whole, they have to feel loved, respected and powerful, in what ever field makes them feel mighty that isn’t with sour will.

The good thing about me is that i’m ace at pulling back, and reassessing. So that’s what i’m doing.

Life is going well.

However, I don’t think that i’ve made priorities out of the people who love me the most and the things that are should be in the forefront. I do that sometimes. We all do.

But i’m back on track and sorting it out.

I could tell you more if i could be bothered.

However, right now…we’re getting back to Wunna land and and getting back to square one. This time next week i’ll be bubbling away in a private hot tub, that’s immersed in the open air of the forest and for anyone that is stressed, or works a hard, long or even short job, it is the perfect way to unwind. I cannot even describe to you, how wonderful it is.

So for now…i’m off. But remember that i adore you always.



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