Spring, Weightloss, Door Knocks & A ‘Hardman’


Morning my little chickens! I’m not at work for the entire week, so I am more than chuffed!! I’m still on the mend, but beaming and I’ve already faced fears and tended to being productive, with a wink in my eye and a heel click in my step.

Nothing is better than rest, after the week that I’ve had. I hated last week because i was far too ill to work and far too stressed for drama. Like, I said, give me a couple days and i’ll be back on top form. Took my giant parker off last night, whilst I was chitter chattering with a friend and i’ve gone down an actual DRESS SIZE, because of my accidental flu diet! Lol. Typical right! I die of the flu, but ‘HEY’ I’m Wunna, and i’ve lost a gzillion pounds. There’s always a bright side. 🙂 I’m super trim by accident. So there you have it, The Yorkshire mix and Fresh fruit diet. BOOM! I feel great. Lol.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this new Spring time weather. It’s making me smile. It’s making me feel powerful again. I mean, God, we’ve had some really shitty ‘new year’ weather haven’t we. So it feels great to have things back in bloom and beamed over with a glistening, dewy sunlight. I mean, i’m not one to get carried away, it’s hardly warm…but it’s refreshing and light.

(There’s knocking at my door. *Wait.*)

Right, i’m back! Jeepers. Lol. I’ve literally had almost every human randomly visit me or knock at my door (which never happens) from Saturday onwards. Everyone’s crawled from under some kind of woodwork and decided to *rattatatat* on my door…constantly. That was just the neighbour, seeing if I wanted him to unblock my outside drains for me. Kind, right!)

I forgot to tell you that I had a really good natter with ‘Al,’ Dodge and Jas’s big brother, the other day. I like ‘Al’ because I always always accidentally bump into him and we have these great, long chats about all sorts. It’s great because he’s cut away from some of the people that I know, yet still briefly in the loop, yet just gets on with his life and works hard and enjoys his own family life. I like that.,

Anyway, I was coming out of work and chatting a colleague and I just glimpsed out the corner of my eye and ‘Al’ had parked up to go to the Co Op, and was waiting for me, as he saw me stood there.

We ended up walking over to the supermarket and just having this massive long chat about some of the people we knew and our lives in general. My life. His life. Work. Boys. Money. Family….literally everything! Literally, everything. We talked about a certain group of people. How women should be treated. We talked about people who only live for the weekend, good people, bad people, fools who can’t manage money and people who are lazy. Lol. It was the best banter ever…and then we went our separate ways to go buy a bunch of groceries for our little families. I like good chats. I’m a ranter…so nothing is better than a big grown up VENT…even if it’s by trollies.

Without him even knowing…I actually got a lot from that conversation. I learnt a lot. I absorbed it quickly and i thank him for it. Good guy. I like the ‘Hardmans,’ in general.





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