Spiritual Massages


‘But it’s almost as if the Big Dude up above, just wants good things to happen to you, because you’re such a good person,’ said the ever doting friend, to the sexy, ageing Glamour Puss. ‘I mean, you’re loyal, kind and probably one of the most taken advantage off chicks I know. Lol’ 

I simply smiled and in a way, I sort of felt good after hearing such inspiring words. Good words to start your morning with. And I mean, yeah, they got a bit carried away with the being lovely to me notion…However, I can’t complain….it felt great to hear it! Really great! I might be blunt and straight talking, but i’m a pretty decent being…and most people close to me, know that! So yippeee, to me! Lol

Plus, I do believe that some strange and much larger force, whatever it may be, looks after me MASSIVELY and well…i’m sort of good in situations that I don’t believe are 100 percentage right for me, situations that I believe are dragging me down, preventing me from moving forward successfully…and I have a lot of success in my future. If i don’t manage to detach myself from the situation myself…and I am good at it. Then the ‘Big Dude’ gets me out of them safely! Lol. And every time! Plus, my recovery from everything and anything, is almost like the speed of light. So, i’m always doing pretty well.

I treated myself this morning, by letting myself have a really in depth chat, with a really great friend. The chat was like a mental and spiritual massage. It was that good! They’re voice is even soothing, so I was half listening and half feeling *lulled* by calmness. I had another great nights sleep with the babies, I have a side of Haribo to my left and i’m getting ready for a trip to Doncaster in a moment. I’m adoring ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…’ and Towie is currently chilling as background noise.

I’m doing really well and concentrating on myself right now. You can’t excel, unless your love and focus is perfectly and internally balanced. So, I’m making sure i’m half full…and never ever half empty. This morning was a great start. I’m finally doing everything the right way and i’m surrounded by the right people.

Earlier, I was talking about ‘flickers’ and ‘sparks’ and how with some people (although lovely) you never have them and with other people, who you shouldn’t have flickers or sparks for…you can’t help but have them…always. It’s crazy isn’t it and a really normal things. So it’s important that you don’t go against your natural grain of *spark.* As it can never trundle on for long.

But anyway, I’m chipper and i’m headed off now. I just need a drive, to treat myself and a change of scenery.


Wuns x

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