Speaking Spanish & Being Burlesque

OH MY GOD. I am so completely spanish it’s almost unbelievable. I’ve had one class and i’m a Spanish speaking machine!!! It’s a bit weird because i was meant to be going to a ‘sit in’ class. Yet because everyone just wanted to talk about Paris Hilton, partying…and couldn’t do so in Spanish. I was told it might be better for me to learn the language at home. (Already kicked out of Spanish, before Spanish has even started!) CHAMPION!!! I’ve always been good at languages, and mainly because i’m not scared to make a tit out of myself and get it wrong, to get it right. I can say a whole 7 lines. I’m FUCKING SPANISH!! Loves it!! Rejoice!! Pass me my tortilla and let me slap on some ‘OOh Laa.’ This bitch is all multi-lingual. (Did i even spell that right?)

I’ve also signed myself up for BURLESQUE classes. These don’t start until the 26th though. I’m rather excited, because they’re proper Burlesque classes and not silly little exercise ones, where you get the odd ‘Lonely heart’ and Granny in your class. I’m taking them every tuesday in Leeds. You should come. I’ve decided to dedicate my life to learning more things. I want to flourish. Do everything, i always wanted to. Now i’ll beable to flirt with spanish boys AND take my clothes off to sultry music in feathers. It’s a win /win. I LOVE MY (fucking amazing) LIFE!!!

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Chrissie Wunna

9 thoughts on “Speaking Spanish & Being Burlesque”

  1. hola guappa chuppa chuppa ha ha ha have fun speaking spansh chrissie and learning burlesque i can speak a few words but i never sound right speaking foregin i still got to much of an accent in it me old china

  2. hola guappa is hello beutiful and chuppa chuppa is blowjob bosh se i been marbs i know the lingo ha ha ha to true i will be on the telly september babe so i might be more famous than u ha ha ha

  3. so am i i am bald and over weight and u are a fucking sort who is hilarious i cant compete i aint even speaking they just show me grafting like i am important ha ha ha me brospeaks who sounds posh im sure i must of been adopted


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