Sooooo Excited

Having a bit of a stressful day and getting pecked at left, right and centre from all sorts of people who shouldn’t be a pecking!! I feel a bit lost and need someone to speak on my behalf. lol! Firstly my website has been sticking it’s middle finger up at me, all day and falling apart at the seems..just when i don’t need it too. I don’t have the time or patience to cope with it’s tom foolery. (lol…drama queen alert!) Plus, i’m having to pack the prettiest of outfits, along with Chrissie Wunna essentials for my baby trip to London. I head out there tomorrow, to celebrate the new show i’m on, with 12 other lovelies. (Haven’t seen them in ages so i’m excited!!) I’m smeared in fake tan, head to toe. It’s refusing to dry so i’m all sticky and orange. I’m needing a glass of wine to get my ‘chillax’ on, yet the cupboard is bare and well life is about to get exciting or very very scary. We’ll see..But whatever i can handle it. I just have to keep my ‘feist’ underwraps and my ‘cool’ as dandy as the day itself!

I’m happy as can be my cherubs and i’m aware that my photos have done a little disappearing act!  I am assured they will be returning soon. Anyway enough of the ‘foolish doesn’t really matter’ drama. In 3 days (thursday 9pm ITV2) watch ‘Paris Hiltons British Best Friend’ It’ll be worth it! Plus, i’m on it and you should love that!!

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