So, i ‘hit’ my button of PANIC

Well….it’s almost the launch of my lash line and there is so much to do that i’m finding it hilarious. Things could go wrong, things could go right. But i’m hoping for the best. Sometimes in life you just have to close your eyes, keep your fingers crossed, count ya blessings and go for it…ready or not.

My website photos aren’t finished yet. My product pictures aren’t done yet. I’m organizing my pop up stand..and yeah i’m shittting myself.

Firstly, as you know….my lashes (the bulk buy) WENT TO THE WRONG ADDRESS. I had to call Fedex and trace the package, rearrange everything and well the next day, I had my lashes delivered to me…THEY MADE IT! Yippeee! But i certainly ‘hit’ panic button, as i had  filled my jolly kitten self with a yummy load of stress…poorly babies, life, work, ouchy ankles..and just everything. It was enough to topple me over the edge. Lol. It was enough for me to shock face, dunk myself off the side of a very glitzy bridge, in heels and the Lords Prayer, after 103 glasses of wine.

But yeah….they made it.

They flipping made it and i actually stayed balanced all the way through the entire ball ache! Thank GOD! Stress over. Rash a lot calmer. I mean, you can’t sell a product that you don’t actually have, can ya! Now…i have them. *Breathe here.* I’m so proud at how positive i decided to be about the whole thing. I’m definitely the grown up version of myself now.

Then Junior opened them with me…

Junior’s really excited about them. Ruby doesn’t care, she just wants to wear my blond wig and frolic off into Wunna land, pretending to be Goldilocks, lashes or no lashes.

Then life happened. It got busy. I’m working really hard, hitting every time zone, being Mama to two babies, one of which who decided to be ill, really ill…so on zero sleep and a giggle…a sigh and a that’s life…i got on with it. It’s not easy. But i’m handling it. Once the kiddies are asleep, i then have to grab my pink laptop and work like the jollies, online to get things organized. It’s madness, but one of those things that i hope to look back on and give myself a pat on the back for. Well…i fucking hope. 🙂

There’s no time to get anything done.

But away from all that. I managed to make a random born and Christian lady, named ‘Mary’ with bipolar…yes…the actual REAL illness be my new good friend. Well…i sort of accidentally got chatting to her and before you know it, i was her everything and she returned to a spot that she knew she would find me…with a Bible as a gift. A Bible that she had prayed upon for me. 🙂 She apparently hoped to find someone to pass it onto. She likes nativity plays and is part Greek. She likes me. I got a Bible. AND it was the ‘simplified’ version to help me ‘absorb it more easily.’ 🙂 I don’t half get myself into some pickles. I mean, like I don’t have enough going on..But whatever…did someone like you so much that YOU got a Bible today??/ No, they didn’t, did they! 🙂 I DID! A full on, from a Bipolar, Born again, so and so….lady called ‘MARY.’ Sod it. I rock.

..then the usual happened, where new male suitors decide to fancy me for a bit and ‘woo’ me in order to find ‘love’ for Christmas. I’m used to this now…so i smile, shrug and take it in my stride. I’ve got too much to do to play ‘hooky.’ I like a date and i’ll go on them..and i do adore the ‘princess’ treatment. Yet a certain standard has been set and it seems that not very many boys can meet that standard at all! It’s shameful. I need a hero…not…well not a tryer

I just don’t think boys or men know how to ‘woo’ me. I enjoy romance, bravery and grand gestures of affection. The utter romantic sort that doesn’t involve sex. Telling me that you’re going to bonk me…even if you’re joking…without the romance before, isn’t going to win me. Mainly because i know..they sort of mean it. I’m a chick. I could have sexytime anytime i want. It’s not what i care for…especially with babies, a business and Wunna land to keep in order. I need a cupboard that i can keep boys in. Like a shit version of the Playgirl mansion. The good thing is that the boys are sort of making Keiran look super more appealing….as when we first got together, he did nothing but romance me, woo me and adore me, right from the beginning….no sex text or anything. Plus, he gets my life, the babies and everything. It makes things easier and well…maybe we’re just meant to do life together. Were getting on well these days.

I’ve watched ‘Strictly.’ The X factor results have just been thrown at me. ‘Downton Abbey’ is on my telly box and I have a big day tomorrow.

I had a great accidental marketing lesson today and i love hearing stories from those who have achieved, who pass on their knowledge and believe in me. I had once been to their really lovely, big house…a house that they bought out STRAIGHT, from a business that they had set up with a tenner. Mine has already cost more than a tenner…but i’m bouji…shit happens. 🙂

I need a night cap and to work my arse off before bed. I have some of my lashes out to look at and i am amazed at how great they have turned out, even in comparison to my samples. The supplier/manufacturer have done a first rate job. They are AMAZING and every single little note and guideline that O gave them, they absorbed and delivered!

Okay, i must go..but i love you all…

Stay tuned.


They’re chilling as they ready for a launch. I’m stressing….totally and utterly, with a rash…stressing. 🙂





1 thought on “So, i ‘hit’ my button of PANIC”

  1. A glamour-puss such as yourself deserves to be properly romanced. Any real gent knows someone of your attractiveness could get laid at the bat of one wunna-lashed eyelid.

    And I mean proper romance – not the “here’s some flowers” handed over with doe-eyes…proper romance with letters, rare orchids sent with lyrical soliloquies speaking to your beauty, invitations to dine with music, mood and food all laid on by your smitten beau to the highest standard, deep meaningful conversations, country walks to a rustic inn with a roaring fire – that sort of thing. It’s what a gorgeous kitten deserves.

    Good luck with the lashes range, hope it’s a roar-away success.


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