Snow Bitch Baby

I have lost my voice! (Stop the cheering, you monkeys!) Due to the ‘Hurrah, we have snow’ freezing cold, the late nights of ‘fun fun, party party,’ the wearing of tiny dresses in the freezing cold, to get to the late night  ‘fun, fun, party party’ and the basic shouting, gently mixed in with not very much eating or water…i can talk, however not very much. Luckily for me, i come from a family of Doctors, so by this evening, my voice will be back to tip top annoying shape. (I’ve read loadsa forums going on about how ‘annoying’ my voice is! lol Well i can’t win them all! At least you don’t have to listen to it all the time. I flipping DO!!) I just need to rest. I’ve had a busy busy last week. (More tea Vicar, oh and bring that prickly black dildo with ya this time!)

So obviously it’s snowing today, as in proper ‘you can build a snowman’ snow and i am contemplating whether i really can be bothered? Like how much do i feel i really need to make one??  I mean, yeah i love the art of snow bitch building, yet it’s sooo freezing cold and i don’t particularly have a cute ‘snowman building’ oufit, so is it really worth the 3 seconds of pleasure. Especially since i’d be doing it on my own, and it really is lame to build a snowman on your own. It’s something you should be doing with other drunks, right? Anyway, the answer i’ve come up with is…’YES GODAMMIT!’ So i am going to McBuild me a Snow Bitch. A bitch made out of SNOW!! Fuck yeaaaaah! Ooh my eyes are stinging now. I’m sick! 🙁

8 thoughts on “Snow Bitch Baby”

  1. Well first off, thanks for answering my post the other day on your Jan 31st post.

    Man, sucks to hear you’re sick, seems like everyone’s coming down with something in this type of weather, its almost unavoidable.

    Its cool that you’re going to be building a snowman. It reminds me of building my first snow man, which oddly (maybe even sadly?) enough wasn’t too long ago. I think its tons of fun, but yeah, you should def do it with some other people, which I don’t think would be hard to find. Oh and be sure to post pics of Snow Bitch, I’ll be interested to see what he looks like!

  2. Scratch- hahaha, i’m not ignoring you, I’m just a bit busy. lol So stop being stroppy. Kisses

    Dave- My snow bitch ended up being shite…and well i had other things like ‘being a hornball’ to take care of. hahahah No piccy of it. 🙁

  3. Lucas- Why?? hahaha How romantic! You are actually talking to me, so you don’t have to say ‘HER’ as ‘HER’ is ME. You can say ‘YOUR’…if you dare. My arse bites back. It can swallow things whole. So i’d stay well clear in i were you…lol

  4. yes but talking as a geezer most me would want to have fun with your harris chrissie coz it is a lovely one and u are a proper sort


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