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I’m really excited that I get to be involved with The Clothes Show Live this year! It’s the 25th Anniversary of the event! WOWZERS! It’s the biggest fashion event of the year and it’s a piece of fashion history that will always be alive! I’m old enough to remember the TV Show, that swanned the likes of Jeff Banks. (For some reason I wanted to put ‘…and his seven dwarves’ after that and I have clue as to why?) But I also spent many a school trip and many a December each year at The Clothes Show. It truly is one of my favourites because like Sasha Wilkins stated at The Bloggers’s accessible to everyone. You all get to live it, be a part of it, watch the shows, MEET the designers…spot the celebs, see the new bits of fashion and beauty that are headed into store in 2014 and enjoy the day like it was some kind of glamourous Disney land of all things stylish and beautiful. Great day out for EVERYONE. Friends, family…fashionistas!


I get to cover it! YIPPPEEEE!

It’s a dream come true and i’m completely honoured and I keep going on about it simply because I can’ t believe it.

Along with the fashion, I don’t want you to forget about the BEAUTY. My thing is BEAUTY and I have my own line coming out next year. (It’s going well by the way, the bank transfers have been done and well the samples will soon be here in Wunna land.) So, there will be lots to enjoy for me at this event and i’m going to cover it thoroughly. I’m gonna be there EVERY DAY letting those of you who may not be able to manage the trip this year feel as though you also were part of the magic!

Can’t WAIT!

There’s only 16 days left until the event!

Last night on Twitter, The Clothes Show TV, sent me a little link to a  little surprise, where a few of the faces of fashion, media, Pr and beauty were asked 5 jolly questions, behind the scenes at The Bloggers Breakfast!

It went a little bit like this… (yes, i’m in it.)

There’s something about this event that is simple so exciting. There’s a luxury about it, with a twist of kitty cat joy and down to earth harmony. It’s wrapped in tinsel and the perfect place for any glamour puss to be spending her December.

You all should be going simply because it makes excellent Christmas Shopping AND it’s the 25th anniversary. The event goes down in history. Not to mention all the shows you get to watch! Plus, you get to see me there. 🙂 AND i’ll be scouring everything and everyone for the best of the best in fashion in beauty…in my own fun kitty cat manner. 🙂

I think on the first day, I’ll buy a few items and put them up for grab in a bit ‘Chrissie Wunna does The Clothes Show’ GIVEAWAY. I get to be The Santa of Fashion of Beauty and throw you a little Christmas magic.

You all need to be there!


Okay, so away from all that! Isn’t ‘I’m a Celebrity’ AMAZING!!! It’s one of my favourite shows on telly and every time this year I exercise my right to have a major crush on Joe Swash. We all do and we don’t know why? I’m thoroughly humoured by his cheeky charm and thought last nights episode of ‘Get me out of here now’ was BRILLIANT! I loved the TOWIE style date. I don’t think i’d gip if I had to eat a penis. 🙂

Loving the cast this year. Joey Essex is obviously going to be one of the stars. He’s hilarious without even knowing. I have a heart throbbing crush on Alfonso. (aka ‘Carlton Banks’) Especially when he cried. I love a man that can openly have a bit of a cry and it’s just the way he said, ‘that was just a lot more difficult than I expected.’ Awwww……….. My heart. My heart!

Amy Willerton, who went through all that drama with Katie Price, will now make a solid name for herself and well the cast is pretty damn great this year. I mean poor Rebecca. She is one of the BEST SWIMMERS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, which is a GINORMOUS ACHIEVEMENT and she still looks and wishes she that she looked like Amy.
Y’see that’s what women are all about. We’re all like that and it’s heart warming to see her open up. I’m loving it. My Mum is too..she keeps coming over to watch it with me.


Life is good right now. I’m sorting out the products for my line, but there are so many other things going on that i’m having to correspond with everyone and everything. It’s great though. I mean since being more positive, life has lifted up. I’ve cut EVERYTHING negative out of my life. I can tell a negative person straight away and well it’s important to make sure I keep myself away form all that. Right now, I’m glowing and everything is running perfectly. #happy

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  1. Good luck with covering the fashion show, nice gig to get! Of course if you end up with some sexy lingerie freebies to, ahem, model that would be good 😛

    Celebrity is my guilty pleasure every year, Carlton cried in a manly way (take note Mr Wright or you’re gonna be up for EVERY challenge)!


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