Sneaky, before bed… blowies..



Well he got another lavender oil leg rub and willy suck last night. Isn’t he doing well! When Baby Ruby was tucked into bed and I was on the sofa chewing tangerines, to ‘Braveheart,’ down popped my handsome little husband, with a cheery keeness in his eyes and his fingers crossed for a the big old, as he calls it ‘jackpot.’

Now, he’s always very loving and usually always coochie kind to me, yet last night at around 9.30pm, he was excessively loving in a little boy like way. A little boy, who tries to ‘hint’ at oily leg rubs and blow jobs’ kind of way. He does it in a ‘i’m shy and too afraid to really ask’ manner, and playfully declines if you offer to be of service. Lol.

Well first he’ll do the lovely nice cuddles, then he’ll follow up with playful husband, ‘show me them boobs-give me that fanny’ tickly force and squeezedom, then I’ll switch the balance and put my money where my mouth is and he’ll go all timid and shy and say ‘no…noo…nooo.’ I think it’s our sick game of love.

Anyway, I knew he fancied a bit of a willy suck and an oily leg massage because I could see it oozing off him with glee. The evening before he went to bed with the biggest smile on his face feeling on top of the world. His heart had leapt to the sky and back.

So during ‘Braveheart'( the last bit) I thought i’d give him a quick lavender leg massage, where in which he decided to pull playful sex faces at me, all the way through, in order to ‘get me in the mood.’ Hilarious. I Tweeted that ‘Diamonds work better.’ However, obviously not.

‘Oooh, I have sexy legs don’t I!’ He said. ‘Everyone says how SEXY my legs are!’ He giggled. Still playfully, yet getting his message out there, incase I did decided to pounce.

Long story short, he enjoys the rub. He doesn’t watch the end of the movie and pretending to forget about the willy suck says, ‘shall we go to bed now?’

I agreed. I mean us women, we can turn our libido ‘on and off’ in a second. Men, quite obviously…can’t. Hence, why they end up bonking every bit of snatch, behind their girlfriend back out of opportunity and well we either don’t or wait until the guy is worth it…or rich. πŸ™‚ #iamjokingbeforeyouallstart

He gets up, hearing that i’ve agreed to ‘bedtime,’ and turns everything off, locks everything up. I saunter into the kitchen to make Ruby’s last bottles and get a nappy change ready incase she decided to poo in the middle of the night..and as i’m sorting through laundered clothes, he walks up to me in the kitchen and shirtless, showing off his body and like a little boy, asks me if i like it and if i did, could i show it some love. πŸ™‚

He did it in a playful, kiddie like manner…but once again was serious. So, i playfully joined him at his own game and ‘play’ loved it for shits and giggles, kissing his pecs and overly enjoying his top half for laughs, deliberately dismissing it immediately afterwards, with a giggle and getting ready for bed.

There was moment of awkward sauntering and so within one minute I simply said, ‘Are you wanting a willy suck??’ He beamed…and said ‘no,’….which means ‘yes.’ No, i’m not a rapist, i’m just going on what happened next, which was him pulling down his joggers and boxers, exposing his goolies to me, infront of the kitchen window.

By then, I quite fancied it, so i got on my kitten knees, in a full lit kitchen and…well got to it. πŸ™‚

Thoroughly enjoyed by both parties. His face lit up and i felt quite deliciosu afterwards. Sort of sexy. Older, pregnant wife, giving her hubby a quick kitchen ‘sucky’ was sexy.

Then we gleefully skipped to bed and he couldn’t sleep all night due to him being in such a good mood.

I recommend it to anyone. I mean, iv’e woken up this morning and he’s being the most loving hero ever, telling me i’m beautiful and how lucky he is to have me, he’s cuddling me and saying that his’ yes have never laid on anything as gorgeous as’ me and stating that his eyes are also no scarred by my beauty. He’s happy as can be, working in the office and filled with love. He keeps telling me how sexy I am today and how beautiful I look. (I’m in navy Addidas bottoms and a tight pink Supergirl vest, in ballerina pumps. It ain’t that ‘Hustler,’ and well yeah, life here is great.

Hope you’re world is just as delicious.

Keep reading. Love blogging for you.

‘The Wuns.’

ps/ I hope my submission for that comp got through? The link they needed us to use didn’t work on my laptop so I emailed it directly to them.


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