Slutty catholic school girl

Long day, mucky weather yet still a day of Greatness…i think??? I’m Knackered! It’s funny, i had to go on a proper job interview today, and wear something not very everyday ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ I failed to look proper, (even though i tried) and instead kind of looked more, ‘Slutty catholic school girl.’ (Happens all the time) It’s never a good thing when being interviewed by women. NEVER!! I sweated, i panted, i shook, and talked their ears off. It was hilarious!! I feel a million times less nervous singing and dancing infront of thousands of people,  or taking my bra off, to show my ‘treats’ to the nation, yet put me alone, in a room, with a lady (and a ‘slutty catholic school girl’ outfit, thats not meant to look like a ‘slutty catholic school girl’ outfit,’) with a big desk between us and i’m terrified. Oh gosh!! She was lovely. However, i think i peed all over her chair in fear. CHAMPION!! There’s always something crap about job interviews and say auditions that make you feel, on the spot, uneasy, and under pressure. I’m always good at the ‘doing’ of the job (believe me i’ve figured out a handful of weird ones) yet quite rubbish at the 30mins of ‘Please hire me’ talk. Why don’t they just pick on hotness??? (Thats why i love being a model…cos they do…hahaha) Anyway it went well, even though there was one moment when they did that ‘look’, at one another. Who knows what i said??? (but i bet it was AWESOME!!

Enough of the ramblings! I’m off to fit in a little late night shopping, a little fancy dinner and a whole load of wine… I love wine, it loves me, i’ve had a stressful day!! I want a kitten! Bizarre?? I need something furry to fondle.

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