Slow Forest Flash Backing Much

I’m HERE and i’m SO utterly happy! The first night is usually always a wee bit strange because you’re just getting situated. But as soon as I arrived on forest soil…Ruby raced around the fields, the woods, in the earthy wooden play areas, singing, dancing and teaching her brother the ropes.

We checked in early and the sun was BEAMING down. It was definite BBQ weather, but we didn’t BBQ, simply because Mama Wunna (yep ME) cooked a giant bol, after a yummy dip in the open air, private hot tub.

It took Rubes about 3 seconds to run into the cabin, IMMEDIATELY slip into a flamingo swim suit, force me to get the hot tub running…and jump in! That girl is a diva and well she knows what she likes and it’s certainly luxury. I swear she’s like a teenager. THEN obviously the other half of her tag team, Junior, got overly excited by the bubbly, jubbly, hot tub idea and within 3 minutes, I was forced to perform an updo, plonk on a cozy, get Junior ready for his first ever hot tub, bubble over…and enjoy!

We’re loving it here and well so far the weather has been divine. Nothing is better than cuddling up to your family, in hot tub bubbles, under an array for tall pine trees, in the depths of the forest…with all my face done πŸ™‚ ( I don’t even care, I looked amazing…yeah..yeah Glamour Puss. Don’t tut…it’s one of my good points boys…i always tend to the art of GLAM πŸ˜‰ ) and today… with a rubber ducky.

Everyone was pretty shattered after a woodland dip…and giant spag bol and a play in the woods. I spied on other cabins because I could smell late night barbecuing. It’s awesome at night because the air is so fresh, so much fresher than the air you’re breathing in right now and you’re surrounded my lush, juicy leafy freshness. You kinda see nothing at night, but the lights from distance cabins, in your surrounding area. IT’S AMAZING and really reminds you of the fact that you’re away from the drama of the world. Plus, i have no service/signal on my phone…making it much easier to feel free and uncontactable. πŸ™‚

This is a pic from my moments of ‘stalk’ when it was turning from day to night.


Obviously the babies are super worn out and already in bed, so i’m treating myself to wine..and maybe a night time Port. (I love a Port on a night time. I’m like a Grandad.) But as I was tucking Ruby into her bed, (who was filled with utterly tiredness, simply from the art of ‘happy,) I flashbacked..well i say ‘flash’ but I didn’t ‘flash’…it went much slower than a ‘flash,’…it sort of breezed through my mind and stayed, as I laid next to Rubes in the dark, watching her sleep.

Sooo…this time two years ago, it was the day before i was going to get married. I was SO in love and we were both sat on the bed, in my ‘before getting married’ suite at Oulton Hall, (we had been booked two separate rooms, yet at the time there was no way Keiran would be able to sleep 4 hotel doors away from me and not try and jump in my bed.) Anyway, he sent me champagne…AS I was calling room service to send him champagne and when it came, he came with it…(that sounds rude)…but as I opened the door, there he was…the day before we were about to get hitched. We sat on the bed, before meeting friends downstairs for drinks…(it ended up being a great night of getting pissed with friends) and well we watched Mo Farrah win races, with his :0 face! πŸ™‚

Life is so weird. I mean, I didn’t know that I’d also be falling pregnant the following night…on a giant four poster bed, after being sick on my cooked breakfast. πŸ™‚

I mean the following year, which would be last year, we revisited Oulton hall and he surprised me with adoration, and all that i’ve told you of in an earlier blog.

This year…i’m with my babies doing life, in the forest..and i guess celebrating the ‘bringing in the conception’ of wedding night baby hood.

I don’t like thinking in the dark. I’ve moved into the living room to blog and turned ALL the lights on. Lol πŸ™‚

‘GI JOE’ is on my telly. I feel a million miles away from you all. I’m in pyjamas, cute ones, with booty shorts that have fries on the front, with knee high school girl socks. (I crept out to get my laptop from my car earlier and a posh family walked by with torches. I was wearing my stupid pj’s and well they sort of flickered the torch on me like i was some kind of rare forest species. I smiled. I waved. Then I got the fuck back inside. πŸ™‚

Now it’s time for wine…

Love you!

Can’t wait to venture out into the woods tomorrow. x

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