Sit down with your Ego

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Last night, after work, a school run, a bit of baby homework banter and my old teacher stating that to this day he still tells a story about me, where in which i pulled off my tracky bottoms and started high kicking in his face? (I don’t wear tracky bottoms ever???)

…we all ventured to ‘Ego’ again for a bit of food and late night cocktails. The boys, Rich, Ben, Pat and Nick, had already started their evening earlier and were doing an Ackworth baby pub run. (They only did two pubs.)

I picked Dodge up, as we’d both been working…he needed a nap…i needed to sort of Ruby…and dressed posh, we whopped on  some love songs and I drove us to ‘Ego’ for drinks. We watched the other boys, ’roundabout’ passed us to ‘The Boot’…yet i we didn’t fancy working all day and then sitting in ‘The Boot.’ So we went with a little it of luxury…and before you know it were were sat at the bar with a whisky sour, an amaretto sour, two tequila shots and the most loveliest bloody mary EVER. We even got bantering with the staff….and acted like we owned the placed and our job was to train them…on making us drinks?

Dodge loved it from the start. His inner ‘Glamour puss’ evoked…and we got right into it. Rich, Ben, Nick, Pat and Andy..sorry i forgot ANDY…showed up and after a quick drink order…we sat down and got the best deal on food ever…two entire courses of whatever you want off the menu, AND A BOTTLE OF WINE EACH…for only £20!!! WHHAAAAT???

We lasted, ate and drank all night…and it ended up being awesome. Ben and I are still as loved up as ever. Rich picked at our foodies, but had to leave to make tea, Nick didn’t eat, but sipped an Amaretto sour because he got himself into a state last time he was there…Andy beamed with the fact that he could now eat and Pat seemed to enjoy every bit of life during dinner.

Dodge chose the corner seat, because it was his favourite, until he realised that he was a heavy smoker and needed to wedge out. But you should’ve seen his face. He was in his element, loving every minute of ‘Ego’ and want to go back every week. BOOM!

We got home. Ben and I chatted to my mum for a while and then i must’ve fallen asleep without realising…because I woke up in bed, and have no clue how i got there??

Life is good. I’m on my day off. Ben is still in bed…but all is well and dandy.


Wunna x


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