I love being naughty

So i’m missing LA and feeling like i’m not really fitting in too smoothly here in the mother land. Countries keep spitting me out… but i do love my Hollywood life, more than anything imaginable. I can’t wait to get back. I’m bumming around, here in England, and it seems that bumming around over there, in ‘La La land’ is much more fun, and basically much more Me! I was born to be an Angeleno. It’s a rare breed, but it’s me..and i sometimes can’t stand that i’m here…however i did get boobs, sharpen my witty conversational tools, and remember that i was born with a Yorkshire accent. Hollywood is all play and it’s something that i need to keep sane!! (Although i have been known to be a little too playful….but it works for me.) I’m excited for what my future holds, and i’m excited for my return. I’m waiting for a result on a tv show, and if i hear a ‘McYes’ i’m staying to enjoy my England adventure…if i hear a ‘ooh No,’ then i will be packing my bags and heading back over the pond!!! Can’t wait!! I just miss everything about tinsel town…EVERYTHING!! I feel like i’m being forced to be ‘normal’ here, and forcing me to do anything really isn’t the best thing to do. It stirs a rebellion, and the evil in my eye!! In LA, i’m able to be myself, and wonderous weirdness is celebrated. Being a glamour puss, or a complete weirdo is prized with TV shows, and great careers. In England being the way i am’ is shunned, frowned upon, and sometimes a sin!! Sinning is fun, yet often quite a tiring. I don’t want to always be the ‘bad kid.’ I’m just mischievious, and boystrous, which is quite unfortunate as i was born a girl. I love being a naughty girl!! (winky) It’s always hot!! Things that are seen as ‘oh so no no’ here in the Uk, are seen as completely normal, if not Greatness in LA!! I’ve managed to have no idea what i’m writing, as i am failing to keep my eyes open, and my dad is nagging at me to help teach him how to use ’email.’ Ugh!! I need wine. Wife swap USA is on! I hate it, even though i faithfully seem to watch it. I especially despise the soppy end part, where the couples meet and burst into tears after finally finding appreciation for their wives or whatever….etc… Not my cup of tea, yet i just keep drinking from that tea bag fountain!!

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  1. i can undertand wanting to go back to la it sounds the bollox there but u are making us sound like prudes and mugs i think english men have a lot more bite than sceptics and we do love to sin and booze. but i hope everything works out great for u chrissie as u deserve to be happy and if la is more u i understand i dont think even though i wouldnt mind living in vegas or thailand. i aint ever been la so i do know what is like there i could live anywhere else but the manor as i am so very essex even me old dot dont understand me sometimes so what chance do the sceptics have take care chrissie tada scratch

    ps wife swap usa last night was the guvna the midgets v the rocket what a sort that bird was americans do make me laugh i make the fridge right about the romote though imagine if it was england in the world cup final and she did that there would be murders. but then again it would be a good excuse to go down the battle.


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