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Morning all! It’s your resident kitty cat here and well what a beautiful day to be blogging on! The suns out, the smiles are a beaming and shirtless joggers have decided to make an appearance, which always sets us ladies in a far better mood. In fact, away from the nonsense, isn’t it weird how people dress better for the sun? I don’t know why? Whether it’s because it’s a rare occurrance, or whether it’s because they feel better, so they make more of an effort? But people look better in the sunshine. I certainly do. I turn from grotty little Burmese woolly thing, into exotic island goddess…in Ponty?

Okay, so already Ruby has spread wedding confetti on everyone’s lawn. EVERYONE’S  lawn. She has also blown bubbles in a Greyhounds face and talked to an old man planting roses. The ‘close’ that I live upon is ace because it’s so peaceful, safe and well one of those streets where everyone knows and looks out for each other. I call it my ‘Desperate Housewives’ street and simply because every Friday…and i always miss it because i’m usually at work…at 9am, all the gardeners, help and cleaners etc…turn up at each home. I strutted out to do the nursery run in big hair, heels and a tight pink dress. cleavagemuch As soon as I realised, I beamed and Tweeted with glory. At 9am this morning…I was officially GABY! Hurrah! My dream have come true! 🙂

Then I did the nursery run with 2 babies in my hand, a giant car seat, a set ofkeys in one hand, a dummy in the other, 2 nursery bags and my poshy furry hand bag flung upon my wrist. Al i could do was laugh really…as it’s the life of a single mum. It’s those moments that the Men forget us women have to go through. They don’t care about those moments do they? Lol. It’s not easy, but lucily, i’m fabulous…i even did it with fans, a smile and in a tight dress and heels, bitches! 🙂  Nothing gets me down.

Then I got angry at supermarket sushi. Why is there no convenient sushi in Pontefract?? Proper sushi, that isn’t a bit of betroot wrapped up in rice and seaweed, as pretend sushi. WINDS ME UP. I don’t eat that much, but i adore great food. In LA, i could get great food within a second’s strut. I actualy bought it anyway, but only to hide the slimline gin and tonic in a can that I had purchased in my basket.

So, I have a day off and i’m loving it. As both babies are at nursery meaning I can get on with things. I have a lot to do…AND i’m decorating. (I love decorating. Well..i like designing things and making others do the hard stuff.) I’ve gone contemporary modern, which is fabulous, until you add children. 🙂 Trendy rugs have toy trucks on them that don’t follow the colour code. 🙂 (I’ve gone balck and white..not plastic lime and orange.) Sofas have hand prints on them that I have to wipe clean. 🙂 But that’s the life of being mum and like I said, I wouldn’t have it any way I have an amazing life now and i’ve never felt more wonderful. I’m Gaby….how could things be any better! Oh and i’ve also named my miniature male groom mannequin, ‘Jeffrey.’ I wanted to name it ‘Ryan,’ but i had no idea why? I actually wanted to name Junior ‘Ryan,’…but i didn’t and i didn’t know why? (Well I do…Keiran wanted to name him after himself.)

I’m currently sat on my sofa waiting…(i love being home and adore my home as it’s so peaceful and surrounded by the most beautiful views.) The views make a home cosier. My last house was filled with such negative energy, (I went through two breakups in that house)…this one is magic. It’s perfect! It’s filled with love and happiness.

But yes, i’m currently waiting because Pete is meant to be moving his stuff into my garage for storage. He hired Mike the handyman…and i didn’t realize until yesterday. But poor Handyman Mike has to come back to my house AGAIN today…lol…to plonk more stuff in my garage. (When i said ‘hire him’ i didn’t mean for you all to hire him to come to mine, so you can all plonk stuff in my garage.) Go to your own homes and let Mike fix stuff there! 🙂 I’m still waiting..which is mildy annoying. Plus, I have other Dads coming over to pick up car seats…which is cutting my errand running time down, with each ‘tick tock.’

I feeel great. I look great. I can’t wait to get my yummy booty on holiday. It’ll be the children’s first ever holiday abroad…as a family. I now LOVE only working 4 days a week at my day job but getting fulltime pay! 🙂 It’s make my world go around and gives me extra time with ‘da babies.’ And well now…i’m going to chill..wait..and then get all my errands done!

OOOh, forgot to say…I currently don’t have a working telly, so i haven’t been able to watch anything. BUT MY GOOD FRIEND MARK, MARK BYRON (remember i told you the ‘money in my knickers story’…where he hid his rent in my pants at a gay disco?) Well yes…MARK is currently residing in the BB house and even though i haven’t yet watched it, I want him to WIN! So vote MARK! He’s so entertaining and PERFECT for telly. 🙂 I love him to pieces…so please lets make him the winner! (I’m actually also missing Rex right now. 🙁 You forget how long you’ve known someone and well he reminded me that we had known each other for five years yesterday!  Five years! Can you even believe it!?! We were both ‘just off’ tv shows right at the same time..and that’s how we became friends…i actually adore Rex to pieces, so i must make the effort to visit him shortly.

Okay, must dash, Pete and Mike are here with a van load of ‘lift me ups.’

Love you. Enjoy this weather. Don’t let anything get you down. *WiggleWink*





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