Shut it you tart

Having a great night. I’m feeling gratefully fulfilled, happy, and confident. I’ve had a lot of power bonding sessions today, and a lot of encouragement, yet still managed to get myslef thrown out of a library. I always thought libraries were meant to be welcoming nests…apparently not! They are HILARIOUS!! You know when you walk into a confined space, with a bundle of other human bodies, like a train, an elevator, a small room, a closet, and all of a sudden all conversation and life comes to an immediate HALT!! All forms of verbal, or physical communication suffer the awkwardest of pauses, and everyone sneekily sizes each other up, yet completely pretends that they’re looking nowhere other than forward. Not sure hwy this happens, but it’s uncomfortable, right? Libraries are the ‘uncomfortable pause’ in someones life, that doesn’t end when you get off at the next stop, and only because the ‘stop’ never comes. Does that my sense?? if not, i apologise.. i’m off the pills! The dark silence never turns to light and to make it even more hilarious, it’s littered with snotty, pole stuffed up their back-sides, specky four eyed, nuisances, who at every given chance tell you to politely, ‘Shut the fuck up.’

First you get the ‘You’re the scum of the earth’ look. Then the diaspproving head shake, followed by the champion, ‘Please be Silent,’ line, and nicely finished off with the ‘LEAVE, you can’t keep quiet!!’ The whole time i uttered not a single word. I just didn’t look right for their library. Funny!! The ginormous, ‘BE SILENT’ signs were noisier than I!! Unfortunately, i felt the need (only due to the sheer feeling of unfairness) to say, ‘You keep quiet!! You’re being noiser than EVERYONE in here!!’ (i should’ve added a ‘you noisy old HAG,’ but thankfully even the Devil on my shoulder told me to ‘shut up!!) It didn’t go down well…i stuck my boobs in her face, grabbed my Louis Vuitton and left!!

The only other time i got thrown out of a library was in Downtown LA with Jeff Jacks! But that’s because i was half naked, in fuck me boots, that i revealed after pulling off a large coat, so he could take glamour shots of me!! (hahaha) Unfortunately, it was less what we were doing, (he was laid on his back on the floor ‘happy snapping,’) and was more that we didn’t have permission, and didn’t realise we were infront of the childrens section!! (lol…) Even then we only got a ‘Yeah, you can’t do that here…’ talk. So we just packed up, and did it a bit further down. Hurrah!!

Whilst i’m writing this, (on a train) their is a man trying to read what i’m writing, over my shoulder..NOSEY BASTARD. He smells like coleslaw and seems to be eating boiled eggs and leaves? 🙂

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  1. liberys are ful of cuntz i hate em full of sad mugs who like a bit of pwer by saying be quite. last time i was nearlty kicked out of as libery i was at school and we eggwed the bird for her cheek of thinknig she could throw us out the mug


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