Shit Girlfriends Club

Just had a cyber natter with my lovely rock chick of chickiness, ‘Duchess.’ I call her Louise, because that was her name when we were living, learning, partying and auditioning together in tinsel town….whilst crying over New York boys, who we fell madly in love with and needed forever. (We were young and a lot less foolish then.) We must have got soooooo trashed, almost every night, having the most wonderful time. I remember she would pass out any time she could through pure drunkardness, want to take planes to restuarants, called a pumpkin her virginity and she rode a flipping bull, yet had no recollection of it…AT ALL! (Hilarious!! ) We had fun and she’s seen a major part of my life take place…well because she was THERE…living it. I miss it. We always got what we wanted and our bodies ran on nothing but pure, raw emotion. Laughing, crying, living and it always seemed to be night time.

Anyway, ‘Duchess’ and I are both full fledged members of the ‘ Shit girlfriends’ club. I’m not sure why she is? (But i can imagine.) However, I sure as hell am. I’m a rubbish girlfriend, and you’ll never hear me say any different. I even tell boys that, on the first day i meet them. I’m just too ‘Me, Me Me- need to have fun and do whatever i want,’ to learn the discipline of the ‘good girlfriend’ club. And i think it’s because in the past, i was never ever that way. I was very ‘You, you! I’ll do whatever you need me too.’ Shocking right?

I’m very passionate and very loving, but kinda…with everyone! (hahahah.) But guys love it! They let me be me and just right it off as a jolly good time. Infact, i’ve actually been hailed the ‘best girlfriend in the world ever,’ simply by being a shit one. Lucky really! I think in relationships people are either passionate, clingy, or romantic. Nothing more or nothing less. Shit girlfriends ROCK!! Don’t be afraid to be one….really it’s okay and a lot hotter than you think it is!!!

Chrissie Wunna x

16 thoughts on “Shit Girlfriends Club”

  1. oh and just to add…i get told i’m the best GF aswell!! although the opposite is true. It’s because we’re so evil but when we cross the line we can do the eyes like Puss in boots from Shrek! works everytime…hahaa!!

  2. HAHAHAHAH! We are just tooo GREATNESS for sensible words!! Thats so funny. I miss it too. We’ll have to live the England version of it…for a wee bit.

    U were GREAT… fucking getting visciously flipped back and forth on that ‘if u stay on it for more than 8 seconds, u’ve broke a record’ bull & u couldn’t even remember it happenning! LOL! I pissed myself laughing. Even Mike was like ”Jesus FUCKING CHRIST man!!!”

    We’re just shit girlfriends, with that Hollywood charm…

  3. is it well i would like a free servant but i dont think anyone would do that unless they were backwards or a proper toby. but i get your meaning so would i

  4. If u love the girl…you’ll do anything she says and let her do whatever she wants. lol…

    Thats the only kinda boy i like. You say ‘backwards toby,’ I say, ‘Toby come back with me.’

  5. ok i would do what i oculd to please the bird if i liked her but there are certain things u cant wipe your mouth of. so i think there would have to be a certain amount of comprimise

  6. yes i am i have got a big heart and if i fancy u or i realy care for u i will do all i can in reason to make u smile or happy but there of course is a limit to how far u go coz if u are to nice people think they can treat u like a toby and i wont be mugged of by anyone

  7. alright well i didnt know she was american or not if she was she might not of known what toby ment chrissie so i was trying to let her know that is what i ment. of course i dint mean her fella coz i dont know the geezer


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