Sexting, Boys and Snotty Noses



A pretty good day and because i’m not taking life or work too seriously right now. I’m easing into Summer and having a fricking blast. *Wiggle, wink.*

I’m kinda full of cold, (sexy, I know) so i’m chilling in pj’s not being able to smell anything or taste anything, or even speak like i’m not a snuffalufagus. Nothing is less sexy than having snot drip down your nose every two seconds and having to it sniff up like you’ve been weeping over minor rubbish girl issues that only happens when you’re on a massive period. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m not. My nose and sinus situation is all bodged up with cold. I’ve laughed through it like a champion though and video’d everyone else doing life to kicks, entertainment and just to bully them for my own happiness. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been working all day, as i’m never one to call in sick EVER and well i’ve always said one of the best ways to get rid of your cold is to give it to someone else. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m good like that…and not at all selfish. It works for me. Yippeee!

Okay. Firstly. WELL DONE TO MY DEAR GOOD FRIEND ‘GAY ADAM’ for running the London Marathon yesterday. he only used to run when he was depressed and some boy had dumped him. Yet now, and after stealing a women’s husband…he’s happy and running for charity, for a cause that is close to his heart! I mean, I’m more in shock that he did it. I’d never be able to run anything for shit. Not even if i had wine or cocktail surprises en route every 4 minutes. Not even if i was being chased. Not even if they let me drive it. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย So well done Gay Adam. So PROUD! I love you. (Yay, to no longer running when you feel down and YAY to achieving such a giant goal much. I love boys that do that!)

Okay, what else?

Oh yeah, I was telling you all about Ben last night on yesterdays blog. (Sorry, that is was all grammatically poor, however it was really late,I was really tired and I had to write it inbetween plonking the babies to bed. I was sort of in a rush and i assure you, it annoys me more than it annoys anyone.)

He read it straight after I’d posted it and sort of loved it, even though he thought i made him sound ‘creepy.’ I called him an ‘attention whore’ and he told me that he had ‘learnt from the best ๐Ÿ˜‰ ‘ It’s good that he lets me write shit about him, as usually boys throw a wobbly…and I don’t like wobblies, as I’m just not one who’s that worried about letting people know my business. (As you can see. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) So, I just assume that they’d be the same.

Anyway, the good thing is that it made us ‘chatter,’ Y’know…have a text talk. It sort of crossed the ‘T’s’ andotted the ‘i’s’ and underlined the job at hand. But in our kinda way, which is the loooon way around everything.

Basically, it seems that we fancy each other…and we will date each other…yet we’re ‘shit singles.’ He felt as though i had knocked him back ages ago, so wasn’t comfortable enough to get back on that Wunna Pony with bravery. I felt like we had had LOADS, literally hundreds of opportunities to kiss or have fun if we wanted…and IT HAS JUST NEVER EVER HAPPENED, because instead we’ve had chips and gone our separate ways, (which I also stated was an progression on losing each other at’Biggies’ and just fucking off.)

He said, he’d want to date me. I’d agreed. It was all said in this weird fun, dance around the subject manner, mixed in with ‘I’m not a normal guy..’ nor is he a dick, nor is he someone who would treat me badly. He’s excited by it all..

And well…I’m not sure what happened, but our texting emergency braked, pulled a ‘U’ey and turned into Sexting. (Of course, it was our kinda ‘sexting’ so it wasn’t really ‘sexting’ it was..well the words ‘mouth sex’ and ‘willies’ were used. It was oddly polite and hilarious.

(I enjoy that this is going to make him cringe.)

Infact, now that i’ve re read the messages, he started it all by saying, ‘We don’t lose each other when we’re hungry….Haha…’ (In regards to the chip eating) Then he rolls it over with bravery, as he steps out of the ‘friend zone’ with..

‘Wunna? Are we going to have sex?’ (Meaning like ever. In almost the most innocent fashion.)


I pretty much did the whole…well…i just said ‘Yes.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

From that point on…and because he got into the swing of it all…we just went with it. (NOTE: It wasn’t actual ‘sexting.’ It was a turn on, in the most comical fashion. LMFAO)

Pictures and *@:P@LPO(*&* occured. Not pictures of much..just boobies and no real dirty talk went on, because we can’t do it…or well i refused to. Lol)


Anyway, as always I fell asleep. I have a cold. Leave me be! And at around 11 am this morning, whilst I was at work…he sent me a text reading,

‘Well that got a bit rude. Haha.’

But well done to him for being brave and stepping into Wunna land. I mean, the sexy part is good because it starts the ball rolling, doesn’t it. Yet, I never want the beginning of my relationships to focus on that, as i think that true love and relationships should be made and created on so much more. I’m naturally a love bunny, so i’m never looking for a fling and always looking for this amazing guy who’s going to treasure me forever and be my best friend. Someone that I know I can in the end count on to do life with…and someone who can cope with a bit of ‘happily ever after’ and wee bit of ย fatherhood.

So, it’s looking good for him…and i’ll probably date him. If he gets his game together and asks me. I mean, he panics and dances around it a lot. Sort of makes it all really easy, as we have the same friends etc…

But i’m being smarter this time and observing more than anything.

Yet doesn’t it go against everything I say! Summer is all about fun and flings and that no one ever settles down during Summer, only in Winter when they’re lonely and cold.

But I reckon i’d have an awesome Summer with him…

Then London boy called this morning…

I haven’t spoken to him in a while and he wanted to ‘check in’ with me, because he had been really busy finding new digs, travelling with work and ditching me to talk to chicks, who are witches and killed their ex husband! Lol.

Me: ‘What? You actually ditched Glamour Puss ME, for a chick who’s a fucking witch and kills people???’

London boy: ย *Laughs.*

We’re still ace friends. We just get on really well and always will and mainly because we have almost the same birthday. He’s just a bit ‘all over the place’ right now. But he’ll get there in the end.

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