Sex in Valley Gardens, New Vlogs & True Love


Friday ended up being AWESOME!

Easy day at work. I’d made up with Ben. Junior was back home with ‘Mama’ (that’s Me) and life was swirled in nothing but fun, love and laughter.

Infact, i had a day of simply being ME…which is life, dashed in a wiggle, a wink and a shimmie. I got to play the glitzy rebel, enjoy being abusively humourous and spend time with good friends, that I label under ‘work colleagues.’ (Your work colleagues are the beings that end up knowing you the best…well…if you’re lucky enough to  work in a place, where you’re all so close, like family.’ They’re literally like my dearest buddies…and i couldn’t ask for anything better.)

Work *zoomed* by. I made everyone have ‘Chinese dumplings and blowjobs’ for lunch and well right now they’ve all gone out on the razzle dazzle, in Pontefract, to celebrate Jenna’s birthday. (I have Junior, so I didn’t venture out, but my party soul is with them.) Have fun being in ‘Biggies,’ until ‘lights up.:)

But yeah, we all ended up making fun of Danielle, talking about our love lives and basically when any conversation ends with ‘sex in Valley gardens’ you know you must be close.

Not that I’ve ever had sex in Valley Gardens, in nothing but red boots. 🙂 And not that Work mate Adam has ever had sex in Valley Gardens with what I’ll call a ‘random,’ but only because she hates me for being a Glamour Puss. (I get that a lot..and weirdly…I don’t care. Lol.) But, I decided that it would be really funny if I had ended up in Valley Gardens for that good old bit of ‘sexy time’ and peeked across to the neigbouring lawn, only to see ‘Baby Adam’ bonking the random, in Valley Gardens.

All I said was, that i’d end up having to stop, crack up laughing and watch him *thrust.* Then followed it up with the fact that he’d probably just peer up, think he needed to be at work, throw on a blue fleece and ask for a lift! HAHAHA.

Jenna bantered with us. (But she’s far to classy to get mixed up in that kind of hoo haa.) However, Danielle (Greedy Dan,) who was complaining that she never gets sex, stated that she would probably venture down toValley Gardens, just on the *prowl* for sex… HAHAH. I added, with a seafood pizza or a kebab. However, apparently knowing her…she’s not get bonked and instead end up dead. Lovely!

Okay! I apologise.

I then filmed folk throw a bauble.

Since, i’ve been home, Life has been wonderful. I’m not at work tomorrow, so i definitely have my Friday feeling. We’ve only had ONE bottle of wine between us and my gorgeous little Benny and I have spent the evening sorting out out Vlogs..

He’s filmed and posted another Vlog tonight…and has one all set and ready for tomorrow. AND my lovely ‘hubby to be’ has also spent part of his evening editing an Intro an outro, for my upcoming Vlog, that I’ll film on Monday and well probably post by them also.

I’m nervous now…but the work he has done looks amazing. I’m feeling properly grateful.

Hopefully, i’ll get somewhere with it.

I’m madly in love. Adoring every inch of being a Mum. Looking forward to ‘no work’ tomorrow. Sad that we ran out of wine and very grateful to all the people (especially the new starter business folk) for wanting me to try and test their products for my blog and Vlog…

I’m getting LOTS of messages from people who are also starting blogs and Vlogs asking for ‘ how do i get people to see’ it info….and I’m loving it, because it makes me feel like i’m some sort of blogging champion.

The writing shit down, i can do…and i’m good when a camera is stuck infront of my face. (Yes, even with clothes on.) But, I’ve been truly inspired by Ben’s Vlog, in the sense of the fact that ‘he did it.’ I mean, he started his Vlog before I did…and he’s followed through (not in his pants) with it successfully AND without fear. Well he felt the fear, but did it anyway. Even though he had anxious, sleepless nights and I caught him  sleep walking the other day. He jumped out of bed and tried to unscrew the bedroom light bulb in his sleep. Lol. When I caught him, he jumped back into bed and I baby cuddled him until he felt rested and nodded off. Awww!)

But yes, Ben doing his Vlog has made me feel like I can do it too…I love it when i feel inspired by people in general…especially when it’s the guy that you intend to spend the rest of your life with. *Heart him mucho.*

I’m totally getting excited!

Chrissie x


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