‘Sc’ is for Schedule


I’ve spent part of my morning hilariously watching Ruby ride round and around on a horsey carousel continually and until she had decided that I had used an adequate amount of my change (£2 a go, I’m not even gonna bother doing the ‘they don’t make things like they used to..it used ot only cost me 20p’ yadda, as it annoys me when people say it. TIMES HAVE CHANGED….THE SMART PEOPLE STAY GROUNDED BUT FLOW WITH WHAT’S GOING ON NOW…) But yeash, she likes me to spend all my changeon this certain bit of past time that she enjoys. I don’t blame her really, as Gay Adam and I once went out in Romford and well I have no clue how, or why, but I just come off the Paris Hilton reality show, we were drunk and we were both sat on a baby sized carousel at 2am…spinning round and around and simply for kicks. I quite liked it during that hour, so i’m sure it’s a blast for my loin fruit.

I’ve done a bit of decorating, cleaning…i’ve organized life and i’m enjoying my days off. I LOVE MY DAYS OFF. It makes me appreciate my work days. I’m looking to enter beauty school (part time) and I actually have LOTS of work to do today.

I’ve made the executive decision that my eyelash line is going to be the bomb diggy…so i have to work hard at it. Christmas will come sooner than I think, so i’m today i’m ‘deadlining’ myself with goals, but only because I work better that way. I’m weirdly obedient when there are rules to obey, about something i care about. Be it a passion, a topic, or a boy. If i don’t give a hoot, a shit, a sausage..i’ll just shrug it off, rebel and do what I want anyhow. Life is too short and I hate it when people who take things that don’t matter, FAR TOO SERIOUSLY. I enjoy guidance. I enjoy having successors or those I can learn from. I even enjoy my psychic and not because I NEED to know my future and live every second by it…i’m not that way inclined, naturally, as I’ll just believe what I want. 🙂 I just adore guidance on all levels…including spiritual. I’ve got all realms covered. 🙂 Saying that EVERYTHING SHE HAS EVER TOLD ME…has come true.

How are you today? I never ask you that and i should. Sorry.

But yeah, back to me…i missed my Skype conference call because I forgot to charge my ipad, meaning it was dead when i needed to use it. I’m shit like that. It’ll be fine though, as i’m about to email Zach now to sort it all out, as my ipad chills on ‘charge.’ (I never blog on my ipad, as i MUST MUST use my little pink notebook.)

Goals are being set, deadlines are being hit and business/operation plans organised. I’m rocking a day job. Loving it. Being a Mum and excelling at it. 🙂 I’m on route to being a success, after a really rubbish start to the year!

I also got told i was a great package today by an LA guy friend. The good thing about me is that i’m a little bit of everything and that’s not easy to come by and I know it’s not because i can never find it in a boy. I have done twice…but never any more times than that and well you think of the number of boys i’ve dated. SHIT LOADS.

Like i said, with me…it’ shard for new boys to shuffle on it with a ‘whiz’ and a twirl, because i have very minimal time to get to know them and adore them and if they can’t just slot in naturally…then we have a problem. Technically it would mean that there’s not enough time for room for new and probably because life is good. I’m a busy girl right now and i’ve never been happier.

I WILL SAY…on the fashion front, whilst i sauntered around Doncaster (the town that birthed me )this morning. I’m LOVING the Autumn trends this month AND extremely loving the micro mini, with jumper look!! We all know i ADORE a micro mini and do it all through the winter with boots. (If you can’t do boobs, do legs.) So, i’m excited to get purchasing and topping up my fall wardrobe with mini things, that are oddly snuggly.

Everything in my life seems to be about scheduling right now. Along with life, mummy hood, beauty line, day job, love and whatever else that bundles Wunna land…the little things like washing machine deliveries, and a social life have to get knobbled in. I have a 2pm lunch tomorrow with a friend and well it should be dandy…once i fit it in appropriately.

I’m eating like a pig right now, meaning my ‘time of the month’ must be on it’s way. Yipppeee. (When you PULL OVER to simply eat a custard doughnut, you’re on  SLIPPERY SLOPE. I performed this ‘almost’  period ritual twice.) I’m thoroughly MISSING waking up in the beautiful forest woodlands. I really fancied it this morning and well it’s awful to hear that your babies miss it just as much as you do. It’s the first thing Ruby will mention and the last thing she talks about before bed. GET ME TO THE FOREST. When i’m super rich, i’m buying forestry and building my own luxury cabin..so i can retreat whenever i feel like it. I might even add a spa. Lol. (Which reminds me, i haven’t checked my lottery tickets yet.)

I’m excited to be covering events. I love doing it and well i enjoy all things beauty and fashion. I do all events though, so as long as I can fit it in…and it’s something that i’d enjoy…i’ll pop over. Holla!

The next thing i’m covering is THE OLYMPIA BEAUTY SHOW, for it’s 10 year anniversary. I really can’t wait and having a press pass delights me more than ever!! I know my treatments and all things beautilicious…so i’ll have my eye out for the best of the best. I really can’t wait.

Other than that…i’m having a vino.

Enjoy today.

Signing off..

Wunna land x



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