Say ‘OOh La Laa!’

This is one of MY favourite pictures that will aid you to good health on this fabulous, ‘it’s almost the weekend’ Friday. Whilst i did this shoot, ( a few months ago) i had 2 photographers ‘snapping’ me, at the same time…this ones taken by Staff K or DV8 (as he likes to be called).  I was testing the water, for one second (during a very ‘Diva’ moment..haha)… he shot it…then smoked 48 cigarettes in a row… it worked! This picture, is the picture that actually got me noticed by someone VERY important. Watch this space! Oh and ofcourse…ENJOY!

2 thoughts on “Say ‘OOh La Laa!’”

  1. quality pic chrissie was it the fridge who smoked all the salmons or was it u who had a cheeky couple of puffs i hope u are njoying poets day chrissie

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