Saturday of Filming, Bad Faces and Being Ouchy



Okay, so yesterday was a day of travelling to London for a quick bit of photo shooting and a day of filming. A day that I was excited about and simply because I had missed ‘da ladies’ and wanted to have a good old chin wag with them all. It’s weird that we all get along the way that we do…but we do and i’m not going to sugar coat it and pretend as though some of us don’t get along better with certain members of the group, more than others…as of course that’s going to happen. But it works, it’s a well cast show and if anything we sort of have a bizarre respect for one another and what each person represents.

I actually woke up the morning of the final shoot and found myself completely snowed into my house. Yet luckily, I have ‘Army Keiran’ for a hubby, meaning no job is too touch or too tricky for him to conquer. I breezed to Westgate train station and got on the 10.16am with 4 minutes to spare. Then I sat next to a girl who kept eating a mixture of salt and vinegar crisps and Mini Eggs. Now…i like both. However, quite bizarrely and probably down to my new preggo-senses…I didn’t enjoy the distinct pong of them yesterday before 11am. I did what any Glamour Puss would do in such a pickle and smile, nod, pretend it doesn’t bother me…then order an egg sandwich and a coffee, to make myself feel better.

Easy journey. I was happy all the way. The weather was simply frightful. I mean, I began my trip with big, bouncy kitten hair and ended up looking like i had been swirled down a plug hole or two, for can-can kicks. The train was meant to be on a 20 minute delay due to the heavy snow, however, The Gods were on my side and well got my train in EARLY. Wowsers! So, i tottered off the train and onto my Kings Cross platform to leave the station and get into a taxi, as women snarled at me and gave me funny looks. (I was 7 months pregnant and dressed in a big furry coat, knee high boots and leopard print dress…in the snow. I deserved the snarls. Yet, to be honest…snarling is only for the wicked.)

Cabbie was lovely. I was getting excited to see the girls. I got to Waterloo film studios…in a beautiful snowfall and in record time and I was escorted in a cute, sort of old school dark green room, filled with snacks, sofa and warm lighting…as ‘Thrift Shop’ played in the background on a plasma.

Now, I don’t travel ANYWHERE without my full face on. I just don’t and it’s the art of being a Glamour Puss…and well the fact that i’m so used to the old morning groom, thanks to growing up in Hollywood, that to me…too much bronzer, giant eyelashes,a  tan, and a big eye lining bonanza, with pouty lips, is normal in Wunna land. It’s very ‘everyday’ and it occurs every morning, as part of my routine. Yet the most important thing about it, is that I ADORE IT. I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE the art of the groom and enjoy the way i look.

SOOOOOOO…it was horrific for me to have to go through the torture of ‘hair and makeup’ before the shoot. Now, i’ve been a glamour model and i’ve had a LOT of people do my face, my hair, my everything…all over the world, all over the land. Some have done it wonderfully, some have done it rubbish and other’s have done it intelligently. 🙂

Now, I love having my hair done, but HATE having my face done, if I don’t know who’s doing my face..and to me, that’s really normal, because people usually choose their own people to do their face and those people are chosen on the basis of how well they represent the individual. In fact, now i think about it, all the people i know in entertainment, both here and the UK, have their own personal person do their face…and no-one else. Meaning i would rather do my own face or pay for someone, out of my own pocket that I personally chose to do my face and let a company save money.

I had to go through ‘hair and makeup’ and well it was AWFUL! Everyone had pretty much been in apart from 2 of us..and we were the last two to venture into the seats and to be honest everyone else’s faces looked divine. However, Fran and I have really distinct, yet different looks. It’s specific and it’s the way we love to do our faces up. Plus, we’re ethnic. 🙂 So, when i’m sat on the chair, being told to scrub my face off, I don’t want to hear, ‘Oh gosh, i’ve forgotten to bring all the right foundation colours for people of your tone, so i’m gonna have to put this colour on you…i mean, it doesn’t matter, it’ll be fine, it’s a bit too white, but you’ll look more oriental.’ ERM…!!! (I had my own foundation in my bag, that has specifically been matched up to my skin tone. Why not use that??)

THEN…she pulled my eyelashes off. Which i don’t mind. Mine are too big and fake anyway. So that part was fine. But she forgot how to put her version of eyelashes back on…and wanted to plonk some on my bottom lashes too? One of the producers walked in and informed the makeup ladies that they were going too slow and we needed to get a move on, so my makeup lady panicked and with a ‘we’re going as quick as we can,’ (even though no quickness seemed to be happening) she said, ‘Oh i don’t really have time to finish this off properly so is it okay if I just powder you down and put a black flick across the top of your eyeline, for speed.’ WHAT? NO! Do it PROPERLY. And they did they did the same to Fran too. Apparently for some reason she wasn’t allowed to have her hair straight…she ended up with it straight after kicking off and well too right, it made no different to the shoot or the filming. Fran looked at me at one point, as we sat next to each other in our makeup room of doom, after I had told the lady that I didn’t feel anything like myself, that i looked too pure and that it looked as though The Good Lord Jesus Christ impregnated me himself, and said, ‘it’s not that i don’t like it, i’m just used to seeing you all glamour pussy, with big hair, tan and pouty lips…’

I looked awful. I looked whited out because she forgot to bring warm toned foundations, because she didn’t realize i was coming in. (Not good.) And all i had was a black flick across the top of my eye because she didn’t have time to fully finish my face. She even said, ‘Will that do?’ I nodded, smiled, told her I didn’t feel like myself and walked out the room, where i bronzed and eyelined a bit, behind her back. I still looked rubbish though and hated it. I mean, i personally think that for a project of this sort, where we’re not specific characters, but ourselves…we should be able to have our faces the way WE WOULD usually have them. It’s how we represent ourselves and is a very personal thing. How you rock up to anything matters and I get it, if the show was about being ‘natural’ or even makeup, or a playing a character of that manner. But it’s not and i’m ‘playing’  MYSELF. I love that Hollywood dipped, Glammy Pammy look. Gimme Gimme!

I mean this guy out in LA who does the faces of the rich and famous told me that it was all about knowing the face you were doing, what they represented and making sure they felt comfortable with what you were doing, as that is what works and gets the best out of the client. People perform better when they feel secure with what you’ve done to their face. So it might have looked nice, or it might have been okay, but I  like it and i didn’t like it because it was nothing like ME. It didn’t represent me at all. I mean the girls were lovely and kept telling me I looked nice, yet nothing like I normally look. Which is the whole point. I’m not a plain girl, nor am I a simple girl…and my face said exactly that and because the makeup lady wanted me to look less ‘Va voom’ and more everyday oriental. (I AM oriental…you can’t look more oriental than that. 🙂  I looked like a Chinese mail order bride, or a lady about to serve egg rolls for a $1. It was annoying because it’s not like I represent that in the show, and well she did me how she wanted to do me, in a rush…and didn’t do ‘ME’ at all and i don’t buy, ‘it’s for the HD camera’ because i’ve done a HD camera LOTS…and still had the right time and colours put on me. I was not happy…but got on with it anyway. I shot, filmed and hated my face. Then when it was time to go i felt alive again, as i got to put my actual face BACK ON! THANK THE LORD. I felt comforted by it ans because that how I see me everyday.

The good thing about it was that I was able to watch Emily knitted in the corner at the same time. I ADORE a girl that can knit, because I actually do think it’s a wonderful skill to have, a skill that I don’t possess, yet certainly appreciate in others. I mean Ems has really got her ‘ooh laa’ on right now, she’s given up sex for Lent…(I like that,) she’s still seXY, but now bakes, knits and can do all the housework..PLUS she’s also not selling herself short. She’s currently what i think a ‘man’s dream’ is. It’s great!! She told me all about a date that she’s going on with a gent who sounds delightful. AND she showed me a scarf that she had knitted herself. Very impressed. In fact, I think because her date (who is taking her to dinner…and is a jewellery designer by trade) is designing, creating and bringing her a custom made piece of personal jewellery (very impressive) she is knitting him a little ‘something,’ to ‘Kapow’ right back at him. It’s romantic and lovely and well i hope it all goes well. I enjoy thoughtfulness. I enjoy the art of wooing.


Anyway, i’m having a chill day today. My entire body is ouchy from all the travel. I really really really really need a massage. I’ve never needed one more. Yet as lovely as my hubby is, he forgets to remember that i’m 7 months pregnant and instead of aiding my ouchy legs and back, would prefer ME to rub or tickle HIS ‘not carrying a giant baby in his belly’ back and legs. When I was pregnant with Rubes I got a massage every other day and i felt amazing. My pregnancy was a breeze towards to the end. This time around it’s been really difficult, emotionally, mentally and physically…and because less body, mind and soul pampering has occurred. It’s sort of put me off having babies. But i’m happy and grateful to be having this one. Yet for anymore to occur…a great deal of convincing would have to go down.

Today, i am ouchy and i just need a bit of TLC. I can’t move my back and legs (sexy)…and this satsuma isn’t working? I have no idea why i thought eating a satsuma would work?





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