Saturday NIGHT

It’s a Saturday night. Ruby is asleep. I have a vino and i’m working on my lash line! ON A SATURDAY NIGHT!!!

Now, I know that the majority of young folk are out of the razzle m’tazzle and I love every inch of that, as I’m quite young at heart by nature and believe that a ‘good time’ is much needed, when one is a social butterfly. And, I also know that the grown ups, or parents, or those who prefer a more quiet life are all at home watching Saturday night telly, which really is just a jolly combination of  reality shows, Perez Hilton on Celebrity Big Brother, or game shows that consist of dating or singing competitions. I admire that to, as it’s great to be responsible, or calm when you need a refuel.

I lay right in the middle this year. I’m doing both. Being responsible and productive..and doing partying, swirled in fun. I mean, all last year, I used to feel so bad for having a good time. But now, that things are all great..I mean, m y day job rocks, I’m feeling fun and sexy, the business is doing fabulously and the babies are much more stable emotionally…I’m ready for fun and boy is it ready for me.

HOWEVER, last weekend was all about fun, friends and champagne lunches, so this weekend is all about work and family.

I managed to finally get my 70 pairs of Chrissie Wunna lashes boxed up and parcelled away! I’ve sorted out my promotional material for the eyelash brand and I’ve sorted out the lashes for the Celebrity gift bags for the Screen Nation Awards, that i’ve partnered up with!!! (How exciting!)   In fact, I managed to get EVERYTHING DONE TODAY! ALL OF MY ENTIRE  ‘TO DO’ LIST DONE! I know!! AS IF! That never happens. Yet, it happened because I had lots of help and let me tell you, LOTS of help from all angles truly makes a massive, happy, difference.

I literally managed to get EVERYTHING DONE! Can you even believe it! I’m still in shock, so i’ll have a wine. 🙂

Talking about booze and as I Tweeted…WELL DONE to any being that managed to victory ‘air punch’ DRY JANUARY. Holy shit! I have no idea how you managed it at all, but if you did….CONGRATULATIONS. Unfortunately, I got pissed all January…almost every day. 🙂 I mean, I signed up to ‘Dry Jan’ and drank on Jan 1st, so just figured ‘fuck it’ and enjoyed life instead. January was eventful for me because of wine and i accidentally achieved loads business wise, so it can’t really be a bad thing? I’m never really tipsy if i just have a wine, after work at home. Never? It’s only if i go out on the town that i always do a sick. I don’t know if the ‘look at me’ and the buzz of party people gets to my system and I go crazy…or if i’m just a twit. But, I always get sozzled when i’m out…and it’s fun. But whenever i’m home…i’m fine!

Today, I did everything in my geek glasses. Geeks are hot and today I was one…ALL DAY. They didn’t make me any smarter. But I looked like I could read. 🙂 I had to trip into Specsavers because they couldn’t adjust my glasses properly last time because my eyelashes were too long. Today, they could and the lady pissed herself at what a shite day she was having. Then I bought contacts and didn’t bother wearing them.



..and it was fabulous because I too every single moment I breathed taking ‘SELFIES’ or pictures of myself in mirrors. 🙂 I’m super glad that ‘SELFIE’ taking is totally acceptable in this day and age. You can literally do it anywhere and people may make fun of you, but they WILL ACTUALLY know what you’re doing! ‘Oh, she’s just taking a SELFIE.’ Whereas, before you just looked like a plank.

So, yes! Today, I learnt that Geek Glasses don’t make you smarter, but they are totally and quite fabulously dangerous!

Proceed with caution…They are HOT!

Mine were £125 by Osiris.

Today, I weirdly got stopped by folk who wanted to talk. (Yeah, people found me way more approachable as a Geek.) I actually met a lady, who had completely done her knee cap in and was on crutches and she told me that it was a sincere bummer because  (and in her exact own words) she would ‘no longer be able to give blow jobs.’ I explained that that’s probably how she did her knee in, in the first place. She agreed and told me about some Toy Boy he once had who bought her a massive bunch of flowers, but then disappeared into thin air after she told him off for constantly trumping. 🙂

Welcome to my life!

Have a great Saturday night!

Chrissie x


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