Saturday Morning: ‘Date Night’


Saturday morning. I wake up, in our giant executive suite bed, at The Malmaison, in Leeds, with pillows and cushions, thrown everywhere, all the lights still on, the windows peeking out a bright morning light, that beamed through unpulled curtain snickets, and i found myself wedged in Ben’s underarm.

I sat up, looked in the mirror, i’m naked, on my knees, hair all over the place and with one eyelash on..LOL. (The other, I found, stuck on Ben’s ‘fast asleep’ arm. Hahaha. But saying that, i don’t blame my eyelash for it, I love his arms and he knows it. Meaning my eyelash probably loved it too.)

I’m an early bird, so once i’m up…i’m UP. Usually if i’m at home, this is the point where i go downstairs and throw all the takeaway out from the night before. Since, we were all ‘executive suiting’ it, i simply grabbed my roaming eyelash, refreshed, and dolled myself up in the bathroom ready for Saturday. Ben was fast asleep…so i sauntered downstairs.

The room looked like some ‘rock n roll’ party had ‘HIT’ it. Booze and pants and styling products were everywhere. Robes and leftover bits and heels, where flung. Champagne was still in the ice bucket. It was ACE.

I came back up, put my phone on charge, took my jeans off..(I was in the living room area that peeks into the bedroom, via big doors) and out of nowhere, Ben wakes up, lifts his tired head up and says…’What’s going on???’ (He seemed shocked and like he didn’t know where he had ended up? It was like ‘The Hangover.’ HAHA.)

So, I explained the situation safely and just like that he smiled, wanted a cuddled and resumed ‘the spoon’ as we reminisced about our evening. It was AMAZING and we couldn’t believe it. He even said that it went so fast and that he had the best time, and hadn’t had such a fun time like in ages.

Then whilst we’re covered in bed sheets and i’m now sat up…this conversation happens,

‘I can’t believe how good Teppanyaki was! I can’t believe that that guy could cook so well!!’

‘Ben, he’s a CHEF. That’s what he does. They haven’t just hired some random Japanese man off the street and plonked him in the restaurant for kicks, he’s a CHEF, ofcourse he can COOK!’

HAHAHA. We both piss ourselves laughing..moan about how much we drank, then he looks at the time and leaps out of bed with a ‘WE ONLY HAVE FIFTEEN MINUTES UNTIL THE END OF BREAKFAST.’

We decided that rushing to breakfast wasn’t for us, so instead we chilled out, put on some music, decided that we’d go down and do lunch and started to fill our giant PLUNGE BATH.

Earlier, as in when we first arrived, Ben had gone into the room and like boys do, played with everything he could find. Turned things on, off, looked at what he had in our room, switched knobs, pressed buttons… all sorts. There was one point where i heard him SCREECH as i was getting ready, because he had gone into the bathroom, STOOD IN THE MIDDLE of this giant sunken, plunge bath, not realized that above his head, was an even more giant, MONSOON RAIN SHOWER, turned a few handles (and note, he had already got ready for Date Night) and almost drenched himself, as the MONSOON rainshower, blasted out on him out of nowhere. HAHA.

Anyway, when you’re in the suite, you need to use and do everything. So we were adamant that we were having this bath, as it was so big, so beautiful, candlelit and I guess…when in Rome…

It didn’t take long to fill up and we’re undressing,  he’s putting on music, I’m lighting the candle around it, after he’s squeezed in a whole gallon of bubbles. It’s warm, it’s delicious…and he brings in the ice bucket with our leftover champagne.

I tie my hair up, he creeps in…he’s covered in bubbles..

..then i get in with him.

It was hilarious actually because we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We drank champagne, i smooched him, he played around  in the bubbles, all candle lit, all plunge bathy…and then we sort of look around and Ben says,

‘This bath feels really sleazy.’

AHAHA. AND IT DID! I love a bit of sleaze, with the right person of course…so i found it hilarious. Like you could imagine some old, rich, business man, hunting down some young chick and asking her bath up to his sleazy bath. That was us! It was hilarious. We laughed about it for ages, in our own sleazy bath. But nothing sleazy went on. It was funny.

Then like spoiled little children, who were so used to everyday luxury, the words,

‘I’m bored of this bath now.’ were uttered and we both jumped out, dried up, brushed our teeth, packed up and left our suite on a high. I had to leave a tip, simply because it looked like a shit tip. 🙂 But we did try and tidy as much as we could.

Went to check out, to clear out the ‘incidentals,’ as we had ordered cocktails and a Sixty Pound bottle of champagne to the room. I give her my key…she tells me that I have nothing to pay for. Infact, earlier when i went down in the morning, they told me that they had taken care of it all for us. WHAT!!!

We had been treated so well by companies and businesses on ‘Date Night’ that we couldn’t be more grateful. We were really taken care of…and it was simply amazing. I heart the Wunna perks. 🙂 I mean imagine not having to pay off your incidentals.

We intended on doing lunch, but we ended up ordering cocktails for breakfast…well it was lunch by then.

I got my usual Bloody Mary and Ben ordered this ‘Good Girl, Bad Boy’ thing. Followed by two whisky sours and I got some tequila thing, that was divine.

Simply sitting with each other at the bar and in the lobby was amazing too. We really felt at ease and i really felt happy. We had had such a great time. People were lovely to us and we were lovely to each other. We appreciated each other…and it was great.

Date nights, bring you closer together.

We spent a good few hours chilling with cocktails, and then we were driven home. It was funny because the taxi driver dropped us off by The Blacky in Pontefract. LOL. So it was an immediate snap back to reality. But we were beaming..and I like Rob the cabby, because he said that we made a really great couple. I LIKE THAT.

Plus, Ben was really lovely throughout ‘Date Night.’ yes he was fun and expressive and all the things he usually is. But he did little things like carry my bag and proved that chivalry wasn’t dead…and with me, it’s always the little things that I notice and *heart.*

I’m a really happy chick…and i hope you are tooo!

Hope you enjoyed our ‘Date Night’ experience.

Lots of love,

Wunna *Wiggle. Wink*



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