Sailed through Monday


Great day at work today. Everything just seemed easy, calm and although busy, sort of peaceful. Y’know when all the pieces to your jigsaw are in the right place…it was one of those days. I was happy to be there. I was working around the right people. I was surrounded by the right people and I’ve sort of missed my work mates, whilst I’ve had a week off. I’m naturally a worker..and enjoy routine and having the same faces around me. Today felt good. It felt really good to be doing something again. I’m really lucky to have decent work mates.

I also got to see my favourite Policeman Lee…so again, familiar faces…make me happy. It’s like I could live the absolute ‘Truman Show’ and do so with glee. I enjoy my brotherly Policeman banter. Even though I keep terrifying him about marital life and babies in Barbados.

Ruby bought me flowers today. Aww! Made me smile. My children are great. I’m raising them well and they are adoring me appropriately. Lol. *Mummy needs flowers.* My own Mam is being a doll, she’s only being to be able to know to care for me without being prompted. Lol. But that’s what Mum’s do. She’s great and to her, even though i’m a ‘diva’, i’ll always be 7 years old in her eyes, making her watch me do dance shows..endlessly in the living room.

Junior’s been with Keiran all day. I had totally forgot that it was Keiran’s birthday. I forgot last year too, which is really weird of me, as I’m not that kind of person? But a lot’s going on…I guess? Anyway, he had a Baby/Daddy day with Juni’, which is nice. I actually felt really bad when I spoke to him earlier, because nothing is worse than missing someone birthday and speaking to them, without an actual clue. Lol. I’m great like that! But whatever, Ruby and I have bought him a last minute plant. 🙂 Last minute plants rocks…or will ‘just have to do?’

Tomorrow, I’m waking up at the crack of dawn to go to the hospital to get an estrogen tablet. It’s a tablet that I have to take to get ready for Thursday, when i’m laid in bed, having humans peek in my ‘hoo, haa.’ So, basically, straight after that…i’m headed back to work immediately….However, being quite feminine anyway, it’s going to be a hilarious nightmare, as right now, I REALLY DON’T NEED ANY MORE FEMININE HORMONES plonked into my system. I’m a flipping emotional wreck anyway! HAHA. I’ll be crying over cups of tea for no reason whatsoever, and because no one flipping loves me. Lord help any being around me tomorrow. Wunna with extra estrogen is dangerous and I hate it because I NEVER CRY IN PUBLIC. I always try and be some kind of cheeky but tough soldier.

I have a great morning (before thieves ruined it) chatting about how rubbish I am at doing love. We all basically came to the conclusion that I’m really BAD at picking boys. Apparently Pete was one of my best past options. But that’s only because he was spotted at our local Chinese takeaway looking buff or something? How funny. Poor sod.

Right now, Men are the last thing on my mind…unless I get utterly blown over, swept of my feet and impressed by someone. That won’t happen though. So right now, i’m just getting through the week and waiting for Friday to get here, as it means Thursday is OVER.

Love that everything is going back to normal. SO HAPPY.


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