‘S’ is for Summer


I’m back to working hard and working hard is quite difficult in the Summer, when you’re built of fun bricks, glitter and this ability to be able to charm the masses with a wink. I feel as though everyone’s in a beer garden, when i’m slaving away. I feel as though everyone’s on a sunny, sunny holiday right now, but me *waaaaa*…I feel as though…i need FUN, LOVE, LAUGHTER AND AN ADVENTURE. I want to feel ‘summer’ sizzling through my veins…and i need it bubbling  in me NOW. I mean, I haven’t even had time to check out shirtless joggers, eye candy or the ‘gun show’ display, on what i used to call ‘Perv Monday.’

Right now life is work, babies, bits of fun and flirtation. But i’m ready to be shot out of a canon and to just let life spin me gleefully.

I’m happy. I’m giddy. I’m feeling quite lucky. I mean over the last couple of days, i’ve been the luckiest sod in town and well i’ve ust wiggled, winked and ended up being grateful.

There’s been lots of male attention…nothing too major nothing too exciting…just attention really..and although attention is flattering…and i do enjoy the single life…there is nothing greater than falling for someone madly, who is perfect for you in every way.

Whether it ends good for bad, it’s always hilarious. I just want some chunk of hunk, with this amazing personality, dipped in romance, balance and fun, to pop out of nowhere and adore me..with muscles. (Oh shut it it’s Summer…we can want a bit of ‘arm.’ I love arms on a guy.)

But all i’m saying is that we have a few more weeks to enjoy the Summer and that is what we should ALL BE DOING. Know that the big guy up above will watch over us and guide us through the niggly shit, so we all come up smelling of roses. (I have charm so i don’t need help in that area.)

I’m working all week, but then I have from Friday OFF…ALL WEEKEND!

I can’t wait. The week is flying by. I’m watching Big Brother an Love island like a hawk. I have a wine. Life is great. But i want to OUT JESS on Love island immediately and simply because she needs a good Wunna telling off! And i need to feel up Luis ‘gun show’ simply because i’m sure it’s a neccessity.



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