‘S’ is for Saturday


It’s the WEEKEND!!!!

Now, it doesn’t matter what you do, whether you’re recovering from your Friday night, waking up next to the man of your dreams, or rolling over to see some fatty you pulled in ‘Biggies.’ last night. Whether you spent the night alone, chilled, worked through the evening, or spent the time being a parent. Friday was Friday and it was either average or rocked. (All most of you did…well if you are a UK resident…was moan about the election. Lol. All the scroungers had a moan, all the racists had a moan, all the (as my friend Matt put it) ‘folk you knit scarves out of their own pubes’ had a moan…but the ones with the financially rewarding jobs, who work hard didn’t moan…they into their luxury vehicles and danced the night away on champagne cruises. 🙂 I didn’t vote and I should’ve done, but I didn’t have time inbetween work and babies.. but there should be less moaning and more doing. Why so many people expect soooo much help from the Government I don’t know?  Go out there, work hard, do well…make your own dreams come true, instead of blaming others for your own inadequancies. To me, it doesn’t matter who’s running the country. Wunna land is fine anyway. BOOM.)

Anyway, today’s Saturday…i’m with Rubes, i’m about to run a bunch of early morning errands, so I can get home by lunch time. I have the whole afternoon free until 4pm, so i’m making the utter most of it.

It’s finally not pissing it down, but i feel as fat as a whale because i’m having a giant period. Yay!

But i’m all ready and about to steady it off it into Doncaster to be back by noon. (With Rubes!) Ruby is currently in a mood because I won’t give her six other siblings! I must have looked at her far too ferociously, as she ran off crying…with a pony in her hand.

It’s only 3 more weeks and I have a week off work and four days in the forest! Hurrah! I can’t wait, as I haven’t had time off a job since August last year. I need open air hot tubbing to occur immediately!! THREE MORE WEEKS!

Okay, I better get off as I’m in a bit of a dash. It’s a big hair, don’t care kinda day and for those of you asking me about my lashes….they’re doing great! I thank you for that!

Buy some..


(I’m currently rocking ‘Dylan.’)

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