Russell Brand Tonight

This has got ot be quick as i’m in a bit of a rushy! I’m packing a bag, just finished an interview, sorting out a baby sized Personal Appearance and on my way to Nottingham tonight, to go watch Mr.Brands ‘Scandalous’ tour. I’ve never seen him live, and i’m all for waving the flag for his kind of inappropriate humour. I’m really excited, and will probably be a bit trashed! YEAH!!! I unfortunately have a VIP ticket, which although may not sound too ‘sad face’ IS because i like to be in on all the action. Y’know, in with the crowds, wedged in the floor seats, heckling the comedian! But hopefully, i’ll still have a blast!!!

I’m the staying the evening out there in Nottingham, and maybe able to fit in a ‘meet the greet’ at one of the clubs…so if you see me out there, give me a wink and a holla…then carefully, lift me up off the floor, and put me in a taxi back to the hotel! Three Cheers! So excited!!! Spent all of last night flirting with a boy via my phone. I’ll talk about that a little later….Shit, i’m starving!! Godda really go now!

Chrissie Wunna

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  1. have fun he isnt my favorite coedian but im sure u will have fun and havea right gigle u going with your pals havea drink for me chrissie


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