Rushy, Rushy, Forest Pack


So, although i ventured to the supermarket yesterday to buy all goods needed for my trip to the forest…today I got all insecure and decided that I hadn’t purchased enough food and rushed around the isles one more time for kicks. BAD IDEA! The first time around I spent enough as it was (and i’m extremely tight when it comes to grocery shopping. I hate doing it because I only like to spend my money, if i have to 😉 on luxury or things that mean something to me. I’m not a massive eater…so food is like ‘blah’ unless i’m in a restaurant and it’s already cooked for me to eat!) Well, i say ‘tight’ but i’m as tight as a horny call girl…as i end up spending the full whack..i just feel bitter about it afterwards. Lol. The bad thing about it, is that the food isn’t just for me, it’s for others…like my family LOL, which must mean i’m a bad person and mildy selfish still at the age of 33. HAHA.

Ran around one more time…bumped into Alice, the best child carer ever, (she has helped raised both my babies…now she has her own beautiful daughter, who Ruby is very jealous of ‘Mum, why has she got Dempsy?’) Anyway, spent another arm and a leg and well when you get to the arm and leg stage of spending, you just go with it don’t go to town and bring our the banners and purchase all kinds of shit for the sake of. HAHAH. It’s times like this when i wish i won the lottery like brief banter, online Buddy Matt Myles, who won the Euromillions. When I love something, i don’t mind spending to the ends of the earth and back…but when it’s bits of lettuce, bread and whatever else i needed…oh yeah eggs…it sucks.

I’ve completely packed the car up and i’m really proud of myself as i’d never usually do that. I felt like a proper MUM today because i did it all myself. I’ve over packed and over bought, but i’m laughing about it now, as whatever…at least I can. 😉 I’ve bought food to feed 8000 people and prepared clothes for at least 42 families. Lol. I don’t care though, it’s what life is about!

I’m about to have a quick snack. I’m happy that my phone won’t work as well, as the ‘drama’ boys can’t annoy me with ‘yadda…yadda.’

I’ll brief you once i’m situated in the woods…in the cabin..with my family…

and well…stay tuned.

Thank you for reading my blog. It’s going to get juicy… x

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