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OMG! Yesterday I had the BEST MASSAGE in the entire world ever!!

Now, when i was younger (and I grew up not having to struggle) my Mum would make me have a massage every week and simply because it was good for my health, helped me stay balanced, stopped me from stressing and well introduced me to luxury and the art of enjoying it.

Since, being an oldie, i haven’t stuck to my massage rule. I’ve had massages…lots of them…yet not frequently enough to keep me ‘zen.’ (I once got thrown out of a  Zen GARDEN cafe, in LA, at night, by a Koi pond, for smoking a cigarette and ashing on things. This guy in a man bun chucked me out, because i was ruining everyone’s total enlightenment. They were just having tea? I mean for fucks sake…if you don’t want me to ash on things please provide ashtrays that look like ash trays and not Buddha.)

But yes, for the last month EVERY TUESDAY, after work i’ve been going to a local masseuse for a physiotherapy massage, to keep my blood running, my body supple, to mainly de stress and to make something healthy a part of my lifestyle.

It has been amazing. It hurts like hell. But it’s amazing. (I do have a dodgy spine and ankle so it IS kinda needed and not just a luxury.) However, the massages have been getting better and better and i’ve been getting along with my masseuse swimmingly as she tells me all about her life as she rubs me down.

Anyhow, over the weekend (and she’s called ‘Chrissie’ too..) she went on a course and learnt ‘new techniques.’ Now, I’m always fucking terrified of new to me it means scary as hell.

I wasn’t wrong, as she daintily sauntered over to the music playing machine and whopped on this African drum beats. It sounded intense. like some Mayan war was about to kick start. So,  I smiled, I took a deep breath and got really terrified.

She prepped me for what was about to happen and so there i laid on my tummy, bra less, with my head in the hole thing.

OMFG! Then this beautiful little, dainty blond lady, jammed her elbow into one side of my back, so i could feel the most pain ever…and slooowly dragged it all the way up my spine and over my shoulder blade. OUCH!

It lasted ages and well any time anyone ever says to you, ‘if it hurts just scream stop’ you know you’re in trouble.


However, i realised that i’m actually not as squeamish as i thought, as my pride got the better of me and i held my breath, let the torture happen and said nothing. I suffered in silence…but once she reached the end of my shoulder blade and i heard her elbow bang against the massage bed, as it slung off my body, i have NEVER FELT SO GLORIOUS, like i achieved everything in the world and back. It was amazing.

Then she did the other side.

Then she flipped me over and stretched my arms out of their sockets, as I breathed out and she raised them above my head.

Each time she’d cutely totter around me, with a smile and tiny specs, saying ‘right now the other side.’

I looked at her, laughed and said, ‘You’d make a good dominatrix. A really cute looking one, that’s EVIL.’ 🙂

We giggled and then she told me off for laughing whilst she stretched my arm out of it’s socket, because it wouldn’t make the therapy effective.

I’m going again. Today i’ve never felt better, Every Tuesday. I’m there. I love it and i’m so proud of myself for paying out for something that is good for me and not or beauty. 🙂

I’m calming down and sorting my priorities now.

My masseuse has a ‘Bucket list’ she just got a tattoo and has booked to go to the ‘Beautiful say’s festival. Her ‘Bucket list’ is the same as her husbands…which i absolutely adore, as i’ve always wanted a life partner who actually wanted to DO LIFE, with me..enjoy things, live and have fun with. They got their tattoos together, they’re raising a family..she feels lost without him…it’s lovely. I want that…and because the way she looks as she tells me her stories, tells me that it’s the best feeling in the world ever. 🙂

Notice the little things…oh and for the all bad vices you put your money towards, make sure that you put your money or time onto or into something positive…something that is good for you. 🙂 x

Wunna x


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