Romance camp please

If another person saunters up to me and sings, ‘Ooh-Aah, Daily Star, i said Ooh-ar, Daily Star,’ at me one more time, i will quite possibly have to wee on their laptop. I get it… it’s fun, and i use to sing along to it. Yet now, and like all new toys…it GETS OLD. (i’m on my period and on moody barbie mode.) I’ve also just finished having an angry arguement with an evil Glamour photgrapher, who thinks he’s God’s gift to the world of glamour images, (no you are NOT, Hugh Hefner is!) He’s known for contacting the hottest girls, who he personally things are ‘sooo full of themselves’ and  erm…basically at the same time as asking you to work with him, he ‘dogs’ you and treats you like shit, like you are nothing to him. Men usually treat me quite respectfully, (and i like that) yet there are those of you that think, i’m the kind of girl who always gets what she wants because she’s pretty (which is wrong…i rarely ever do). The kind of girl who stands infront of the mirror ALL day, and talks about her beauty…(yeah that’s all i do, alongside slapping my slaves.) Therefore, if he’s a complete ASSHOLE to me, treats me like i’m ‘not much’ and doesn’t give me what i want… i’ll be so shocked, and all of a sudden… want him!!!! Like i always say, you always guess wrong… go back to ‘Romance Camp.’ If you treat pretty girls, who aren’t insecure… like CRAP, they’ll will HATE you, n think you’re CRAP, for being RUDE to them, and NEVER talk to you again, whilst spreading the word of how RUDE n CRAP you are, so no-one wants to talk to you again!! Simple! So, i told him that i will unfortunately not ever be working with him, in this lifetime. I suddenly got a furious flurry of panicky emails, and ‘i’m sorries.’ I blocked him, from contacting me. (Cold as ICE!!)

Oh the lessons. I guess some like to learn them the hard way.

2 thoughts on “Romance camp please”

  1. You go girl!!!

    Fuck I’m way too old, too male, too straight and too British to use that phrase. Suffocate me with your love pillows if I ever utter that again, Chrissie….

    hmmm…. that’s a pretty good way to go…

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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