Rocking the Sexy

Crazy morning already. I’m being pulled from side to side, tugged at and made to listen to everyone and everything. (All i want is a popsicle eating Sumo Wrestler.) As the days go on it’s getting harder and harder to be to beable to spread myself around everyone due to work. I now (and this is awful) only answer my phone to about 2 people, and any member of my family. I never thought it would get like this. But i’m exhausted, in need of a ‘good time,’ don’t really have a moment for ‘dilly dally’ and well it feels as though everyone wants a little bit of my delicious ‘ooh laa.’ I’m happy though. I’m being ‘Wonderful’ and i guess that’s all that matters…(even though it comes with a side of intense stress.) I’m very lucky right now. I don’t want it to end. (My eyelash just fell into my tea.)

Yesterday ‘Boyband jonny’ psycho analysed me stating that he knew that under 10 feet of ‘front’ there was a girl that really did sort of ‘care.’ A girl that was sensitive, loving and a lot less ‘in ya face-blah blah.’ And yeah he was right! However, I’m use to being studied, as i fall under the catergory of ‘whacked’ but the reason why the psycho analysis was so (sound the ‘incorrect’ buzzer) is because i never ever said that i didn’t care, or that i wasn’t a loving ‘being’…people (the masses, my subjects) just assumed i wasn’t. People try and guess how i am all the time. I don’t know why? It happens in Hollywood a lot too., yet they’re more forgiving. You always seem to guess wrong. Open your minds! Don’t let me play that fuckery on you, because i will and i’ll do it for kicks. Purr much?

I like Boyband Jonny because he’s quite open with me and i feel like i can tell him pretty much anything and we’re now in ‘normal’ mode, instead of constantly sizing each other up. I guess the only other people i know who are quite open minded and non-judgemental with Me (which is a quality i admire in men) are Wazza, Rudy and Little George Sampson. I’ve had conversations with them all, that have proved this to me and they’re all of different ages. (15, 20, 28, 35.)

Whatelse? Oh yeah, isn’t it funny how i posted up a naked picture last night and all of a sudden out of nowhere (in approx. 10 mins flat) i was inundated with 72 messages to my inbox from men, 14 to my personal email. My Facebook chat was crammed with boxes, my inbox was climbing in numbers and all three phones were ringing constantly.

This goes to prove that men are visual creatures. They are stirred by what they see, beauty and the pull of a woman. We give them ‘fever.’ We are the objects of their desire and therefore their ultimate weakness. I’ve always said it and now i’ve just proved it. Maybe it’s the hunter and the gatherer in them. Or an unhealthy competitive spirit of wanting to own the biggest, brightest and the best of everything. They can’t live without us. They’re wooed by us.

Girls i’m not saying ‘get naked’ to get what you want. That’s just what i do because i’m a used up slag and need a quick fix. But i am saying don’t be afraid to use your feminine power to your advantage. It is NOT wrong and it’s part of being a GIRL. And yeah it will irritate them, but that’s because we get under their skin, arouse them and turn them into heated or soppy messes. Before you know it, they’re ‘busting nuts’ all over the place, then sending you roses to thank you for it. You have a great deal more pull over a guy than you think you do, be they 15 or 50. Don’t beg, don’t sell yourself short…just ‘be’ and watch those Darlings crawl. (Evil laugh.) It’s sexy. Welcome to Wunnaland!

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  1. well i like it anyway babe and u can be open with me chrissie i dont judge anyone i love the way u get in mischief and u have had loads of adventures and blinding tales i have had things like that


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