Rock bottom is soooooo 2006.

Morning my goodies!! I’ve just popped the kettle on, and i’m raring to go!! I’m feeling very positive today, so lets all rejoice and ‘bring out the banners.’ I just recieved a disturbing email from a someone who i’ll name, ‘oh you’re depressed again…what a surprise?’ I guess they have been unable to contact me due to serious save the world issues like binge drinking, drugs and depression. I mean we’ve all had our joyous time on the stoney cold pebbley hell hole floor, also known as ‘Rock bottom,’ one or twice in our lives, yet it seems to me this person is a permanant resident, and the subject is soooooooooooo ‘tired.’ All i’m going to say is, ‘BOUNCE BACK’ ability is what makes you successful in life and not wallowing in self pity. For a young girl, i’ve been through a lot, yet when i fell all the way down to the dirty bottom, i seemed to hit the ground with a giant, McTHUD and bound back up again in 3 seconds flat, and that takes genius, hence my Queen of Greatness title. Things are only as bad as you make them. So i tend not to dwell on sadness or those who are sad. Infact, i try to make them happy, yet my jester like qualities fail to amuse. By all means feel it, (and that’s the pain, and not the’privates,’ the quicker you do, the quicker it is to get over it right?? Yet please do, have the balls (yee-haa cowboy)  to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and tango your way back up to the top, however this time with even better Va Voom. Nobody wants to date the guy at ‘Rock bottom,’ its just dirty, and so 2006. Me no likey! Gives me the heebie jeebies. Plus i think the term ‘Rock bottom,’ is now just a flowery excuse for people who don’t want to be winners??? (Did i say it right?? hahaha)

Yet saying that, ‘Oh your depressed again,’ could just be claiming that he’s been depressed… in order to avoid me, (not too pleasant) and make me feel sorry for him, (even worse.) Either way, i still have the better tan, so yeah see…lifes still good, there’s always a positive, and i’m enjoying every second breath.

Now for my coffee, and my hours of vocal training. I love it!! Life is grand!!

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