Riding the Wave like a Champion….in feathers


Had a great night last night. It was one of those nights, where you don’t really feel like going out, drinking or causing unneccessary jiggery pokery…yet find yourself with a wine in your hand, in Leicester square at 7.25pm, with the best company imaginable. I’d also spent the whole day with my ‘Lashes’ ( a boy who really is any girls dream.) He understands most beings, with a relaible flair of calm positivity. I’m a difficult person to comprehend, if you are not a secure being, who lives life to the fullest. But he’s completely whole, and therefore gets the art of ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ I’m myself around him…around everyone. But, I’m noticing that people find it hard to be their true self around me. I oddly scare them and test their character, without me realizing…but ‘Lashes’ has no problem with being 100% ‘Lashes’ and i enjoy that in a lovely. I tell him everything, I mean we lay on my bed and read what people say about me, then piss ourselves laughing. He’ll always fight my cause… i could put my heart in his hand and trust that he would treasure it respectfully. You can’t say that about many people now can you?

Anyway great night last night, ended up buzzing on alcopops, had a tipsy ‘santa claus’ fall into me mid journey and a homeless guy who managed to watch the whole entire series of the BBF show…which to be honest made me question his homelessness. Like how did he get to a tv and know each and every storyline going? But don’t get me wrong, i’m glad he watched it. I like a positive being…but then he tried to rape me of change….repeatedly. (Hahahaha…) I then watched a man, who resembled a Dumpling, with a jewish nose, pretend he was gay, and attempt to anally rape girls on a dancefloor. Now Is that really Wednesday night behaviour?? I fell for his act too. But maybe i wanted to?

I feel strong today because i’ve cut ties with an awful human being, who’s far to broken to know how to mend himself. He threatened me today…emptily ofcourse, because he’s far to cowardice to do anything of any real substance and claimed that he would ‘shut me up.’ (Insinuated physical violence.) Who honestly threatens girls? Now that’s not very dandy of him, is it? Where are my sequins? He’ll only get bottled by Gays.  The worst thing about dating is that you will accumulate a merry bunch of exes…and they don’t half get in the fucking way!!! He said, ‘Look in the mirror… what do you see??’ (Trying to claim i was ugly. Another nice touch.) I’ve made my living on looks, therefore i’m quite secure with my attractiveness. Nice try! Next shot. I look into the mirror and see happiness. He looks in the mirror and sees broken dreams & tragically bad hair. (Wink.)

On a good note. I got a fan package today! WOOHOO! Thankyou for it. I love a good surprise parcel of prezzies. I got a teddy, choccies, cards, pictures alsorts and it put a ginormous smile on my face, because i appreciate anytime a being has ‘taken time’ to appreciate another. In my mind the greatest thing you can do is put a smile on someones face…therefore thankyou. Good things happen to good people…don’t you ever forget that.

I will say though, that i think Cupid is slightly fucking with me. It seems i’m having to do the British versions of each of my previous American boyfriends over again. Why?? And in bloody order too!! The last boy i dated, was pretty much like a really shit ‘going nowhere’ version of my first American Boyfriend. And well to be honest ‘Lashes’ is a version of the boy i next dated in LA. I’m not looking forward to this AT ALL. But whatever, i’m happy and very very lucky, to still have the ‘ooh laa’ in Me.

My blog is hitting it’s high, thanks to you cheery drunk folk, following my tragic tragic ongoings. But i’m sadly noticing that the more successful i’m becoming…the more uncomfortable a few darlings, who don’t wave the flag for ‘The Wunna’ (and they don’t really have to, do they) are feeling. It’s bizarre?? I’m doing a great deal more, than anyone knows right now….and it really does feel secretly AMAZING…Oh and if i saw you last night…THANKYOU!!!! You have impeccable taste in people and snake hips galore.

This is my 5555th post according to the Wunna Gods & Wazza (the gentleman who manages this ‘Doo Daarr!’) Lots of you tried to begin a blog, wrote 4 paragraphs and quit. I’m 5555 in, and that is only on this site. I had about 2 years of LA pre-website blogs on myspace that got deleted. Lets all rejoice, and smear ourselves in cake, to classic Champion music.. No? Your loss! (The bra flings off, the cake pool wheels in.)


2 thoughts on “Riding the Wave like a Champion….in feathers”

  1. Best company imaginable?! You can say that again… I love you bitch and last night was the best in like forever!!

    And yes, I am a violent gay who likes to bottle people! I do hope that my violent tendancies doesn’t affect our friendship?! HAAAAA

    xx SKANK! xx


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