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My eyes are tired, but they can’t nap. So you can imagine how devastating this is! Ruby insisted on giving me a jolly  6am ‘wake up call,’ that I didn’t at all need, as I could’ve totally basked in a lay in! *Waaaa.*

Being a single Mum is difficult. But as always I can handle it…yet only because I have such a wonderful support system and great parents. Therefore, don’t fret, if you’re a Mum in the exact same position…it’s hard, yet in the end it is rewarding. You can still achieve everything you want, with happy children, a decent bank balance, with dolly looks and a sound mind. Honest! 🙂

Plus, it’s easy when you’re frustrated because you can just blame the douche that left you in such a position, in the first place because they failed to see their duty as a husband, father or family man….worthwhile. (Until it’s too late!) 🙂 Keiran will sometimes look at me, with eyes that wistfully suggest some kind of reunion…and it makes every single inch of me PISS myself with laughter. It’s hilarious when people get all cocky and think their ten feet tall and treat someone quite badly, when they’re with you…because they believe you will be there forever.

You’ll see some cheat on loved ones, take their partner for granted, date people who they feel are less worthy, just so they can feel a sense of power…all sorts. But at the end of the day, the person that was decent…usually always wins. I guess, some don’t know what they’ve got til’ it’s gone. However, once it’s gone, moved on and developed, you can’t then attempt to rein it back toward you. That’s not love that’s jealousy. Plus, It’s not only the situation that has developed…yet usually the person that is moving forward has developed into a much stronger being…a better being without you and that better being, will find their better match…their perfect match and live blissfully onward, with glory in their heart and rainbows in their booty!

People should simply learn to spend the time that they have with their chosen ‘sweetheart’ wisely. Boys should be emotionally brave, loving and protective. Girls should be nurturing, supportive and kind. Add gook looks and romance…and well you’re easy sailing through the winds, with a wink and a Cupid Flag, swishing it’s way to victory.

Soooo, because i’m on a relationship rant and because most of my messages today have been from girls in relationships, who are having problems….I read these little notes, by a psychologist, who specializes in love and healthy relationships….

This is what she said, (So you can look at your situation and see if any of these pointers match the way you are living right now.)

People in healthy relationships…

. Allow for individuality

.Experience both ‘oneness’ and separateness from one another.

.Bring out the best qualities in self and the other

.Accept previous endings.

.Experience openness to change and exploration

.They invite growth in the other person

.They experience true intimacy

.They feel the freedom to ask honestly for what is wanted.

.They experience giving and receiving in the same way

.They do not attempt to change or control

.They encourage self sufficiency in their partners

.They accept limitations in self and the other

.They accept and respect commitment.

.They have high self esteem

.They express their feelings fluidly

.They welcome closeness and are prepared to risk vulnerability

.They care with detachment

.They affirm equality and personal power of self and the other.

So there you have it!

Is that you???? Or did Cupid *wang* you a dickhead who is not anything like the above. 🙂

Basically, all i’m trying to say is that you should try and appreciate everyone you have in your life that loves you,be it a girl, boy, child, mother, father friend. The ones that aren’t of the fair weather variety. The ones who never stop supporting you, loving you and caring about you, without condition.

You should never sell yourself short and never put up with nonsense. Yet when in love and if it’s right, you should go for it boldly…because you really do only have, one life to live, so why not embrace it with an open heart.

Yet at the same time, it’s always important to be able to realise who ACTUALLY loves you and who doesn’t. It’s never just about what they say to you, but also about their actions or their situation. It’s also never about what someone HAS, and all about how much they can LOVE.

Like, I read this awesome little phrase thingy, that was on someones Facebook profile last night and it said this…in reference to two guys and one girl…

‘I gave you $10.

He gave you $20.

You felt that he was better, just because he gave you more…

But he had $200 dollars and all I had was $10.’

Hope Tuesday’s going well!

Wunna x









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