Refinding that Va Voom’

Okay, i’m feeling much better. Still hazy, but better! Why?? (I hear you cry?) Well simply because being a ‘Wunna’ there really is only so long that you can wallow in your pity party for one. Basically, no matter what occurs in your life, you kinda have to find your inner ‘ooh laa,’ dust yourself off and with that kitty cat strength, a great hair do and a whole lot of Fake Bake, get back on that pony and ride. *You can Giddiup here_I’ll let you*

Since, my early morning moan, i gave myself a shake and decided that i wasn’t going to let life get the jolly old better of me, so instead marched forward and ‘got busy’ with my army soul and immediately tangoed right back to business. A good friend of mine once told me that when the walls are crumbling in, the best thing to do is to be practical. I’ve taken that little notion and figured when your decorated with a sincere case of ‘da blues’ all you can do in that time is to be productive and better yourself.

Within minutes, i had my laptop up and running, i returned email galore, i whopped out my soldier stance of  ‘yeah baby’ and i frollocked my wiggly way back to greatness. You only get down, if you let yourself get down, but there is always always a solution and well it’s the strong (innit) who find the solution and use that time wisely to get them back on track…in heels.

I’m all running like a rocket and from that short moment of trying and bounding back up from rock bottom, i managed to sort everything and further my pretty tragic self from ‘nothing’ to something.

Right now, i’m all about the ladies, being a lady and championing our cause and because of that mighty might, i’ve done well, Today, everything changed and it never felt better. Infact it summoned back my strength, my va voom, and reminded me of my worth. ALL Kitty cats need to remind themselves and be reminded of their worth and today i proved that no matter what, submitting to the conformity of others, if to makes you put a ‘sad face’ over your glitter cloud, is never ever worth it.

Feel powerful, BE  powerful and do not let the actions of others get to you, because your’e probably better and stronger than you think…and secretly better and stronger than them. Let he Karma Cafe deal with other people’s issues and with your Chanel clutch, go a conquering.

I’m happy now and because i feel like i did myself proud. I had a momentary lapse, where i forgot that i had my ‘ooh laa, a-la vixen’ in my pocket. (Again, o don’t know why i say that, i never ever have pockets.) But if anything, i’m living proof that no matter what you can champion. Pick the right surroundings, always do the right thing, do not be manipulated by others and let the others deal with their own ‘yadda-yadda.’

Today is the day that i remembered my worth and chica’s it feel fucking great!!! Now, Wunna Land will run the way i’ve always wanted it to and only that way can you conquer every single one of your dreams!

Get on that ponio and RIDE!

1 thought on “Refinding that Va Voom’”

  1. The blues sure do eat at a person’s feeling of self-worth, this I know.

    Also when you go through big changes in your life, sometimes the wee period after the glow can feel flat. But you are battering through that in the right way by getting on with stuff.

    If you need more of a boost, young lady, do post up a glamorous photo so you can get lots of compliments (and it also helps my blues to see your gorgeousness)!!


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