Red Red Wine


So, yesterday was awesome. I had Friday off and always want Friday off from now on, yet although i’m the luckiest kitten in all the land, the Good Lord fails to love me that much and will therefore make me work every single Friday left on this earth until I collapse into a little Burmese…Glittery….heap. (*Cue: Rich’s bang into a wall fall here.* I STILL find that funny.)

Anyway, last night I did ‘The Carleton’ with Ben, who had come off his three day, 12 hour work stint. He actually came quickly 😉 …because… well I had told him too, as I was dying for a gin and well he wanted to because he was dying for 40 bottles of red wine.

When he arrived (and I had already checked us into a hotel) he looked all eager to *plunge* into any recreational vice that he could get his hands on and immediately. (That’s what work does to you. It makes you appreciate ‘good times’ and ‘having Friday’s off.’ It makes you desperate for a ‘blow out.’)

Luckily for him, i am made of the same matter…so we middle fingered a glass, bought a bottle of red, sat outside and indulged in glasses of wine, as day turned to night… until life and tiredness got the better of us.

I came inappropriately dressed…ie/hoochie. I’m the only human to wear Celeb Boutique at The Carleton. He came appropriately dressed (for once) but totally on ‘rant’ mode. 🙂 Boy, did Ben have a rant. He must’ve covered every slither of possible rant ground in the universe…but he was adorable when he did it, so i sat, listened, laughed and swore sometimes. It was good because a really great way to get to know someone is to listen to them…Plus like I said, the time we spend together is always good. The wine was good too. 🙂

We moved inside because he forgot that it was freezing and ranted more. We talked life, love, friends, everything…We watched the bar supervisor yell at people, but adore us and we sort of just took a moment from life. a moment that was just us…like no one else in the entire pub mattered, they sort of blurred out into the background as we both got feisty and began stamping our views on life, people and relationships on each other…over vino. I actually learnt a lot about him last night….just from watching him and listening to him.

So, right now…i’m Ben’s girlfriend. We date. It’s going well. It’s slower than what i’m usually used to. But it’s good, as every single other relationship i’ve had has not been normal. They’ve kinda been rushed, or felt like a whirlwind…which isn’t ever a bad thing, yet if you’ve picked the wrong person, can end just as quickly as it started.

Now, i’m quite a confident girl. I’m a fun girl. I’m down to earth enough to laugh at myself, my life and my choices, but i sort of take the majority of relationships that i get into seriously…even if may not seem so. I have no idea why i’m that way inclined, yet I always blame my parents because they have been together for decades, so have set a standard for me to try and follow…badly. 🙂 I must the only chick who has been divorced a gzillion times, who doesn’t actually really believe in divorce. Lol. Ben’s a good boyfriend choice, i think? I hope? Who knows, with my track record. Haha. Like I fancy Ben a lot and he’s always shocked that i may actually find him ‘sexy.’ But i do. He’s a lot of other things also…so right now, it’s great.

I assume that Ben is all good with us and that he secretly adores me. Yet, i honestly have no  clue as to how he may feel about me or the whole entire thing, as he’s not that open about with me. In fact, he was more open about it before we were together, like when he was pissed and on the phone talking about ‘sleeping on the left and being alone, ‘ when i had fallen asleep on him 🙂 than he now. He’ll have tiny moments of expression, when it comes to ‘us’ and then he’ll just be hungry and crave food immediately, before changing the subject. HAHA. I’d like him to be more expressive, in that area, I think…as i’m a girl who’s super used to hearing that i’m adored from random strangers, via my inbox daily. Lol. So if they can do it, then why can’t he? Is what my head thinks…followed by, he must not fancy me? 🙂

But yeah, great night. We were kinda kept away from the other drunks at The Carleton because the supervisor liked us more and didn’t want us to hang out with the riff raff. Lol.

For some reason i’d bought us too much wine that we took with us…as we got in a taxi that took us to the hotel.

This morning Ben told me that cabbie called me a ‘dude’ when i got in the back of his car! Hahaha. I probably am and just haven’t noticed that i have a willy yet.

Anyway, got to the hotel…greeted politely…tottered into the lift, with two wine bottles in tow and with Ben (who doesn’t have ‘jammin’ on the end of his name.) They had actually put us in what i call ‘the naughty room’ which is kinda like the ‘retard table’ at weddings. It’s the room kept away from all the other nice, decent people, who may need some actual sleep. I always get judged and placed on or in the ‘naughty’ everything.

We swiped in, got undressed, got to bed…made out.

(It’s part of our ‘classic’ date style.)

I actually at one point had half my bondage outfit on, but it was a bit wrong, as my boobs didn’t’ fit into it properly, it was too hard to tie and i left the rubber stockings at home, which was the essential part of his request. Lol.

It lasted about five minutes before he ripped it off and flung it.

The usual happened and then we committed to the ‘spooning’ position and slept. The last thing he said to me was ‘do you feel safe’ after I told him that the person who is the ‘big spoon’ is naturally a being who likes to protect others. And that was how our Friday ended, with a simple ‘yes’ and some shut eye.

GOD!!! Then he woke up (we both woke up early, messed around a bit, then pulled ourselves together) and OH MY SWEET LORD, WHEN THAT BOY IS HUNGRY…HE WILL IMAGINE, TALK, SPOON, NAG, MOAN AND FANTASIZE about FOOD, until he is sat down infront of food and eating.

The first thing he did was read the menu and tell me to hurry up getting ready so we could eat,.

‘Hurry up.’

‘I need to do my face.’

‘Well what do you wanna eat? Shitty chicken or a breakfast?’

‘I’m doing my face. Shut up. The more you talk, the longer it will take.’

‘I’m fucking starving…. Can you just not put your eyelashes on!!!?!!’

‘Then don’t take a glamour puss then and date a chick who can roll out of bed and saunter out the door immediately.’

‘Fine. I think we should see other people.’

‘Fine. I’ll just date someone who isn’t hungry ALL the time. I’ll tell everyone i dumped you because you kept being hungry. Lol.’

We just laughed and got on with it…our banters good. My eyelashes got plonked on. We gathered our stuff and went downstairs to get breakfast…an ‘all you can eat’ breakfast…at the hotel and it wasn’t even bad. It was nice. The customer service was good too.

Did food. He felt good because he was having a ‘feeling thin’ day.

Drove him home, dropped him off and then arrived home about 9am…yes that early to spend the day with my Babies, Mum and family.

We basically just went to Doncaster and spoiled the children rotten.

I’m home now and even though i’m tired, i’m feeling a couple at the ‘tap’ this evening…(I do mean drinks.) I’m not going out, or doing going out by any means. I’m literally going to enjoy a couple and go home. I’ve got work in the morning and if it’s busy, i’m be shattered.

So, I best get ready and go.

Love ya x








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