Red chilli, Dogtags and sex

Happy MONDAY, you divine dips of deliciousness. I’m tremendously merry this morning, filled to the brim with Va Voom. I’m cheery, i’m chipper, i’ve recieved shocking great morning news, and well i can’t think of a better way to start my day, than with morning news that makes you smile. I obviously can’t tell you about it, because I’ve been instructed to file it under *Top Secret.* The good thing however, is that usually when people tell me to keep things *hush-hush*…i tell everyone…NO! I’M JOKING. (Ha.) What i meant to say is that, the good thing is about ‘don’t tell anyone’s’ is that the passer of the whispery secret, (even though mine was computery and via text) usually gives into temptation. Within a week, what was supposed to be *Top shelved* away from the ears of the roaring public, ends ups being good town gossip. But anyway, it’s Monday, i’m HAPPY and therefore i instruct each and every one of you to rejoice and be happy also. Infact be anything beginning with ‘H.‘ Hippy, happy, horny or Hindu? You might aswell, as it’ll probably rain later and we’ll all be miserable once more. *Weeps.* I’m telling you, there’s something in the air today, or even a trickle in our water! There’s a goodness of merriment a spreading through the lands and yes…i do sound like i’m on uppers, (please, i’d never wish that upon my pretty self again. I was like a clockwork dolly, all boobied and ready to explode. I’m so anti drugs now, it’s unbelievable. Being 20 in Hollywood really did get the better of me, during those times. I thought i had a *swagger* in my step, but really i was just falling.) Yippee!

Anyway, let me take you back to Saturday night. Loverboy picked me up to take for a little treat of *dinner dinner.*We all love a bit of *din dins* and he was especially craving ‘chinese.’ So i popped into his car, with my boobies in their most perfect position. (I’m clever, Pete is one who loves the ladies ‘love bumps.’ The fastest way to make him submit, is to ‘get them out.’ Well tease him with thet art of feminity!) He loves a curvy girl and i’m talking all the way. On a drive home once he asked me what the fattest man i have ever slept with was? (Erm…? I haven’t a fat man before. Not that i wouldn’t, they just haven’t crossed my path. Most of the boys i’ve dated have been delicious, buff models. I parade my conquests around like they’re meat! Plus, if i’m being honest, i don’t think a fat man, is the same as a curvy girl. 🙂 )

Anyway Pete once slept with a size 14 and loved every horny moment of it. He likes to be overpowered by the body of a woman. I’ve noticed this just recently. Whenever i’m *on top* he can’t handle his emotions as well, as he could during my *on my back* phase. I don’t think he minds being dominated by women. It kinda turns him on? I’m little but i’ve got all my lumps and bumps in all the right places. I feel sexy when i’ve had that extra bread roll with dinner. Its actually quite lovely to have a man that enjoys a curvy womans body. I’m under no pressure to be thin and when i feel sexy, i AM sexy. Purr….*down tiger.*

We ended up at the ‘Red Chilli’ in Leeds. It’s by Millenium square and was actually amazing. It wasn’t quite dark yet, so we drifted in from the dusky ‘not quite day, but not quite night’ light, and into this magical world of asian enchantment.

We had a corner table away from everyone esle, who centred the restuarant. Yet as i looked down upon it, it was dark, delicious, and sensual, covered with sexy giant dragonned walls, chandeliers, and a dark green mood lighting. It was like China town and the Emerald city in one.

Loverboy is currently feeling really comfortable with me. When we’re away from one another, he sort of loses his connection with me, and turns into this shy mess of a boy. When we spend all our time together. he feels empowered and strong and starts to *comfort* in. (Which i love.)

We laughed, joked, and loved all night. We’re one of those sexy couples, that look like they’re having the time of our lives. The starter, dinner and dessert was amazing! Topped off with sake, beer and Appletiser.

When we eat, we fall in love, yet Pete’s *horn beast* got the better of him though. It was his two favourite things on the menu, beef and boobs. I told him i loved him at one point, between courses. He didn’t even hear me because he was so enthusiastically scoffing down his mutton, like there was no tomorrow (sorry, it was lamb, not beef.) He sort of cutely looked up unaware after i shouted at him, gave my boobs a quick glance, smiled and went back down to lamb scoffing! Hahaa…Then he had the cheek to tell me to use my charm of *winking* in order to get the waiters attention so he could purchase another drink. Like i need to be told to use my winking powers. I was using them all night, whenever he looked down. 😉

This is all sounding hideious, but believe me it was hilarious. We’re mightily in love and well life is just too darn good between us right now. The staff threw a coupkle of watermelon slices and warm hand towels at us, to make us leave. We did, and went back to his for cuddles.

That night, Pete and I ended up in nothing but dogtags, outside my home, tending to the making love thing. I always tease him and get him all wound up sexually, then say something like i have a ‘headache’ or i feel ‘sick.’ 🙂 He’ll then get all frustrated and moaney…like they do and then i’ll let him enjoy me. It makes him feel like he’s *won* something, and the *rumpy* is always better. I mean it’s good anyway. We’re a romantic, sensual couple. But Loverboy feels as though i’m always scoreboarding him after a bit of the old ‘hows ya father?’

I’m the best sexual partner he’s ever had…but really that’s not saying much, since his first sexual experience, was with an outdoor garden climbing frame. (#Don’task. He told me yesterday by a couple of wheely bins.)

Life is all good right now, and i’m feeling *wa-woo-wee.* I had a delicioous Sunday dinner, cooked by his Mummy for the whole entire family yesterday and i attemtped to try and make Loverboy buy his niece a lilac, giant ball pool! Wait for it! That was in the shape of a SWAN!! A SWAN! Heelllooo AMAZING! (I like extravagant gifts.)  Quite sensibly he went with a doll. It was her first ever one. (The Wunna girly influence is a creeping in. I’m liking it. Next week she’ll be pouting and demanding a vodka with her veg.)

Anyway i hope you’re well, Hindu or happy? Big big winks. (This time last year, i was teaching young teenage girls how to creep into auditoriums for free and stalk George Sampson. Best bad influence in town bitches.)

Chrissie Wunna

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