Ravers..Glow sticks and Answers…


Question for ravers! Real question for ravers!

I want to know how long, glow stick remains lit and glowy, once it has been *snapped?* Now, I don’t want to know this because i’ve decided to run off to a dodgy motorway warehouse, with glow in the dark warrior paint on my face, sunglasses and a bag of pills. I’m not a raver. I’ve never been a raver. I don’t dance with glow sticks, i stick to what I know best and that’s…men. Hot ones. πŸ™‚ But even that was in the olden days. I don’t do partying much now…well it’s not a priority anymore as such. πŸ™‚ Most olden days are turned all black and white. I like to think mine are a glistening and somewhat tacky gold and deep pink combo.My past is like one of those rubbish macaroni gluey pasta pictures. You can either call it a ‘toddlers work of art’ or simply call it a mess. Yee-haa! The good thing about those pictures is that they are often sprinkled with glitter AND if the bits drop off, you can simply glue them right back on again! (Kinda like my boobs.)

But yes, I’m not a raver. I’ve been far to glamourous in life to deal with sweaty ravey warehouses. I have martini’s in my hand, not glow sticks. Plus, all the glow stick people I know always do the the exact SAME DANCE?? They’re all rubbish dancers. (I’m a hip hop gurl. I ca totally get down with a ‘dutty wind.’ πŸ˜‰ ) Yet, they all know the same rubbish, glow sticky. OR even worse, they come far too close to you and start whooshing them around your face, like some wizard, thinking you’re on pills too. #weirdos

Anyway, now that i’ve insulted you. πŸ™‚ I really do want to know the ‘glow’ life of a glow stick and because i’m going to be making Halloween ghosts, ‘Blue Peter’ style with Ruby in a day or so. We’re drawing ghost eyes and mouths on empty plastic milk juggy things and throwing glow sticks in them to make them light up like lanterns. #goodmumalert. The thought of Ruby with carving knives, alongside my ultimate fear of sharp things probably wouldn’t go down well. It’d be like the terrified, leading the blind. Nothing would get done! Plus, Junior would be bored. He loves glowy lights because he has an inner ‘disco.’ (Nursery reported that he loves the disco ball that they have. I’ve birthed an Asian John Travolta? ) Milk jug, glow sticky ghosts it is then!!! I just don’t want to snap glow sticks too early, so that the lanterns fade out by the time it’s Halloween. That would be pointless. I’m used to being pointless…yes. However, it’s for the ‘Winkles’ so I have to look somewhat organized, don’t i!! (The first thing Ruby said to me this morning, as I pushed open her bedroom door was, ‘I’ve wee’d myself and it’s YOUR fault.’ πŸ™‚ ) She thinks i’m her toddler friend or something and not her actual ‘respect me’ Mother? The only time she’s all gooey wooey with me is when she’s tired and needs me to cuddle her because the dark has decided to scare her. (Meaning she wants me to fight off monsters.) OR when i pick her up from nursery and simply because the other babies all gleefully shout, ‘That’s Ruby’s MUMMY’…I’m popular. Lol. Β She likes that because she gets more attention. πŸ™‚ She elbows them all out the way shouting , ‘That’s MY MUM, not YOURS.’ Then once in the car she’ll be evil to me, for kicks. Pahaha. #fun #not

On the whole, having kiddies is ace because you get to relive all those holiday seasonal memories and make them your own once more. Unless you had a rubbish childhood, then it’s even better because YOU yourself actually get to do them this time! Yippeee!

But yes…ravers…glow sticks…how long! Messages on a postcard, with a stamped addressed envelope. πŸ™‚

Can’t wait to send them to nursery as pumpkins on Thursday!

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