Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Woke up this morning to the gorgeous eyes of my tiny Baby Ruby glaring straight at me, all pure and innocent, dipped in a mist of ‘old soul.’ She then smiled at me, like she was so happy to be alive and doing life right by my side. It’s the most gratifying feeling in this entire world and because you can box it under ‘love’ and send it into history with a magical whirlwind of wholeness. I cannot believe that i’ve managed to breed the most adorable little girl. It set my whole morning to ‘rosy tinted.’ Then i looked out the window, realized it was raining and when you’re a kitty cat that is completely and utterly solar powered, you suddenly shrink back to ‘normal sized.’ Everyone has an alternate sense of what ‘normal size’ is, so you can make that bit up yourselves and simply because i’m far too lazy today (due to the down pour) to explain it. It has not STOPPED drizzling ALL DAY. I’m not quite sure how we as The Brits manage to survive such conditions…but we do and that’s what makes us ‘GREAT?’ Poor Keiran had to be up at 5.15am for work and head out to face the world by 6am. I laid in bed snuggling my little girl, who enjoyed every moment of pulling my eyelashes off, that i had forgotten that i slept in. Then, i reached for my pink polka dot bra, middle fingered my plans for the day and got on with the day with a gallop. (I never go out in the rain. I’m of an exotic genetic makeup. I like the tropics and weather that doesn’t make my tan run and my weave look bi-polar. Some may call that ‘DIVA’ and i am a DIVA of sorts. However, i’m a loving, likeable, giggle of ‘Divaliciousness’ and even so, the cold with grump me out no matter what. 🙂

Okay right, back to business. There is actually a lot going on in Wunna Land right now. I’ve done a lot online today and an interview. I have a filming day on Wednesday and then another trip down to London Thursday morning to meet with the agent, to plan my next steps forward. Keiran’s meant to me going to that also, however due to his work commitments, he just can’t schedule life around to making it. I feel bad for him at times, because he works really hard and wants to do so well in life. We both do and it’s admirable. I don’t think i’ve ever dated a boy who works as hard as him? Yet it’s refreshing as I grew up in a family of workaholics, meaning that to me, it’s all first nature. He has just popped home for some lunch. He’s a man to certainly enjoy having a wife. I mean i might shrink all his and Ruby’s clothes and make poor attempts at dinner making, but to him it’s bliss. He LOVES my cooking. 🙂 So, today he travelled home for a quick steak and a surprise ‘bonk.’ We haven’t managed to fit in the time to have a god old bonky pants of recent and because we’ve been so busy, or stressed, or trying to plan our futures, mixed in with overactive minds. Therefore, when he politely asked (like men do…they never directly ask, they sort of mention it jokingly hoping you’ll agree.) I nodded, giggled and within seconds he ripped off every inch of his clothing, as did I and lovingly bonked me on the corner sofa. It was cute. His phone rang, just before he got to get to the bonking and you should’ve seen his face, he was all ‘UGH! GOD! WHO IS THAT!!!??!!’ Then he reminded me that we hadn’t had sex in a week or so this moment was more than a happy treat of ‘ooh laa.’ It was much much NEEDED and i could tell! 🙂

Good sex occured. And it’s because I truly love my handsome, so it makes it all the more delicious. You need that connection to have a solid rumpalump. Plus, i adore that afterward, he sat back on the sofa, with a sense of satisfaction and said ‘i love that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together. I mean we’re gonna be fifty and still looking at each other like this.’ I have a man who adores being my husband and it feels really wonderful. He even then Tweeted his adoration for his little glamourous wifey, However, now that i’ve thought about it, remember how i told you that i had had the most romantic week of loving gestures from my lovely little Keiran. I had momentarily forgotten that we hadn’t had sex in the last week….No WONDER i was getting flowers, love letters and everything in between. He was trying to woo me back into the sheets! Lmao. Boys will be boys…and well…i LOVE IT.

I’m still gazing out the window and trying to blame my laziness on the rain. It’s still drizzling..so i’m having a ginger beer. I’d prefer a wine, but i’ve run out and can’t go to the shop to get any. Plus, yesterday i went shopping to buy little Autumn outfits to prance around in over the next week. However, i went with little woolly mini skirts, low cut cardies and over the knee sock choices. I like to keep it girl next door, kind of sexy ‘bunny’ cheeky OR i’m quite partial to the over the top, faux fur, diamante glam, look. I only do those two choices in Autumn. BUT THEY DON’T WORK IN THE RAIN. I mean, there was even a part of the day where i thought i might have to spend a few moments on a sunbed, just to pretend i was in a ‘warm place,’ filled with dry ‘not rainy’ adventure. Instead, i had midget gems. That’s the highlight of my day. I just can’t function without the luxury of dry, happy, weather.

I’m trying to tell you everything that’s going on, but there’s so much, that i don’t even know where to begin and half of it i’m not allowed to speak about, as of yet. It’s really annoying i know and it’s even more annoying when you have to control your words, which you are usually able to voice so utterly freely and in a push up bra. However, you will all see shortly and i expect a massive round of applause. (I was meant to upload an audio bite today, to audition for the commercial of a cosmetics line. But my uploading thingy kept deciding not to work on me and with the word ‘ERROR’ and ‘in red font’ all over my laptop screen, i gave in with an ‘ah well.’ You get what you’re supposed to get and you don’t what you don’t. I have plenty going on right now…so i’ll let that one slide. (I’m excited to see the new agent on Thursday for a chitter chatter.)

Just before i go and shrink more things in a tumble dryer, with a ginger beer and a side of emails to production companies….please do take a looky at this…


It’s little Baby Ruby in The Sun Newspaper’s Baby ‘Sunbeams’ competition, where they find the cutest baby in the nation. Bless her. I adore my little bundle of ‘glitzy.’ How cute!



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