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OMG! Keiran and I have been everywhere! Incase you didn’t know, we are in the FINAL of Radio Aire’s ‘5Brides 1Wedding’ competition, where we have been set an amazing challenge to raise as much money for ‘Cash for Kids’ as possible, in ONE WEEK. We have 4 OTHER couples to beat, we’re COUPLE#1 and if we do raise the most moola, we will WIN the WEDDING of our DREAMs! *Wiggle-wink-pout-cheer*

Keiran and I are currently madly in love. It’s amazing how bonded you become when you do so much together. I mean our life and our normality has completely changed. We’ve gone from crazy in love, but with a still life, to now travelling around, doing photoshoots, walking catwalks, having a book out, auditioning for tv shows, doing interviews, getting recognised, being in More Magazine and well now doing this Radio Aire comp for charity and for our dream wedding. Can you imagine how lovely our wedding would be. OMG! We’re so beyond bonded right now, that our love could take over the world and conquer everything. I will be honest, we did have a moment yesterday in our Radio Aire Lexus, where fundraising stress, plus day job the better of us. Keiran literally THREW my Blackberry OUT OF THE CAR WINDOW, in a hissy fit, whilst i screamed at him in my grey faux fur. The moment was highly dramatic. But within hours and a night of rest, we now find it funny and are celebrating love again. We have a wonderful relationship and a wonderful life together. I’m looking at him now and knowing with excitment that he is my ‘forever.’ It feels amazing. We’re in love! But on a whole other level.

On the fundraising front, we have been everywhere. We’ve been at ‘Xplore’ collecting money. At TGI Fridays, who have been nothing but amazing to us! The staff there were giving us their tips and properly rallying behind their local couple. It felt really great. Like we really had support.

Then Keiran went to commit to his day job and i did the evening fundraising shift with friend and former work colleague Emma. Where we grabbed money off drunk men, men in drag, a Rocky Horror singles party, girls, bartenders and all of it with my skirt accidentally tucked into my knickers. 🙂 Very Wunna.

The next day, Keiran flung himself into a raffle at ‘The Castle’ in Wakefield, then at the Dam Inn, all at the same time as raising funds with the local band ‘Cor Amor’ at The Hop in Wakefield. We’ve darted about in our little Radio Aire car and hit the streets hard. We’re really trying hard to do the best we can!

We’re soooo grateful for ALL of the help and all of the donations you’ve been giving us! We have one week and it all ends on March 11th. Which is sunday. We really want to win the wedding and well we can’t think of a better way to make our fairytale come true, via raising money for ‘Cash for kids!’

TODAY we bag packed at Asda in Pontefract and we’ll be there tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday AND sunday. I did it in a wedding dress. We couldn’t thank Asda Ponty anymore. they are amazing. I mean we completely only called today at noon and by 2pm we were bag packing due to their kindness!

Thank you for all your support! Keep it coming. We adore you for it! It feels amazing. Madly madly in love! I cannot believe how much support we have. We’re doing all of this around audition scheduling and book deal text messages…as well as being a mum and a lovey dovey couple!

Lots of love, Chrissie and Keiran x

Please take a moment to donate at the below link, through our Radio Aire webpage. Every little bit counts and well not only could we win our dream wedding, but we’re raising money for the kids in our local community. We’re giving them a chance at their OWN fairytale!

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