Quit the Hating….

I’m snowed in and it’s slightly annoying now, as tomorrow is the day when i have to venture back to London, via train and I kinda really need to get there, as after 2 days, i’ve got publicity shoots…which i forgot to diet for, have a couple ‘on my face’ spots for, but doing with the lovely Georgina Baille, therefore i want to at least attempt to do a  great job. (I’ll be sober, which will make it much more difficult.) I’m not really one to play in the snow. I’m exotic. I play with fire. Plus the snow makes my tan run. But now, the snow is annoying as it’s getting in the way of my business, my work. I’m a workaholic and i’m not in the business of letting people down. However, i called the ‘Train Gods,’ after Jonny cautioned me about the weather conditions and as of right now, i should be all dandy! I like travelling, but i hate the actually having to travel part. I’d rather *blink* and be wherever i choose, and have my ‘darlings’ bring my bags for me. *wiggle wink* (I had these really sexy dreams about a boy last night. I can’t tell you who. But it was sooo magical, i want it to be my real life.)

Anyway, I feeling luscious today. Really quite happy. But for some reason, i’m sprinkled with a dash of grumpiness. I don’t even know why? But i went on Facebook and as always a great deal boxes of ‘Chat’ pop up, all boys, all horny, all rude, and all demanding. Now, i do appreciate the love and the attention. But yeah, this Glamour pussing marlarky at times (like when i’ve just woke up,) can be quite exhaustingly stressful. The way to ‘woo’ me, is basically not to trick me, into liking you, because i feel you are undermining my knowledge of the opposite sex and if you actually have to trick someone into believing you are a somewhat decent being, then you obviously don’t think too highly of yourself. As we all know, i wave the flag for all of those who think they’re amazing and aren’t afraid to say it…then are able to laugh at it all. 

Another thing of ‘not to do’ (God i’m on one today…lol)  is it to talk about sex, your penis or any of my lady parts 4 lines into the conversation unless your being funny….because it means you only look at the pictures and not really the girl. And i also fucking hate it when boys DEMAND that i give them my number and we should go on a date. I’m not talking a nice, sweet sort of, ‘I’d love us to go out  sometime.’ I’m talking  again trying to trick me into a number exchange, or basically opting for the ‘nagging’ followed by the YELLING approach. Followed up with a ‘You think you’re all that..you slut,‘ bitter end.  Infact, sometimes when you reject a boy, they get really nasty with you, which makes me laugh. Just because i don’t want to go on a date with YOU…doesn’t mean i’m full of myself. It simply means you’re a great guy, but just not MY great guy. Have some manners! Firstly, i’m never going to give a dude, i’ve never met, my number, who’s rude to me, or tries to ‘woo‘ me with his willy, when there’s a lovely bunch of other fine, WELL MANNERED suitors, who approach me in a much more positive fashion. Why would I? You’re a stranger with a boner, who hasn’t cared to get to know me. Works on some…not on Me….and it’s getting tiring. Especially the boys who’ll send me hate mail and then say they just did it to get my attention, so i’d reply. *Loser.* Or people who try to emotionally blackmail me, or attempt to take advantage of me. I’m not ANYTHING like that. I’m playful and fun, happy and loving life. I’ve had to make major people cuts already this year…It’s 2010 EVERYONE! BE HAPPY!! It pisses me off how negative people are only 6 days in. Cheer up, grab a cocktail, steal a kiss, get that wiggle back in your walk…that swagger. I have a really big work year, this year and i really need to concentrate. I need your support. Your love….and not a buxom battering of ‘boo.’ I’m happy, i’m hyped…feel it and enjoy it to. Find your ‘Ooh laaa.’ Glam any grim and make your life work for YOU.

Anyway, enough of the grumbling…as it really doesn’t go with my outfit. I kinda use my blog as an ’empty.’ It’s useful because i think, once you’ve written something out, it leaves your system. It’s kinda like a shopping list. You write everything you need out, then you totter off to the supermarket, realize you’ve left your list at home and if you’ve noticed YOU can NEVER remember EVERYTHING on the list. That’s because the writing out of it, has made it leave your system. It’s no longer held in your thought.  Blog things out bitches! (That Dale Winton ‘Turn your Gold into Cash’ advert is on. It humours me! I don’t want to shove my pieces of gold in a bag and give it to Dale Winton! I want to keep it for lonely days of boredom, so i can place it all over my body and ponce around like i’m the Queen of Egypt.)

I’ll check in later when my ‘funny bone’ kicks in! Cuppa tea for me. Resident kitten…wink wink OUT!

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