Quickies R’Us


Gosh! I keep having to whop out these uninformative  quickies and simply because i’m busy.

Luckily, busy is good and again, i’m having to type this to you all from the driver’s seat of my car. (No, i’m not driving. I’m good…but i’m not that good. 🙂 )

Life is great and well i’m simply in the solid part of work…i’m rethinking my eyelash launch time…i’m still moving and trying to purchase snazzy furniture in the spare parts of my life that seem to be unscheduled and i’m Mummying..which is my favourite. (I’ve had an AMAZING time with the children this weekend in the sun.)

I can’t seem to remember to do anything in the sun simply because i’m enjoying it with family. When you have to slot the ‘happy’ things into a schedule, to tend to treasure those moments more. I’m loving it.

Junior…has chicken pox. 🙂 And of course he managed to get them, after I boastfully declared that he never caught them on my FB page. 🙂

The blog will be back to normal shortly and you won’t be used for quick, short, spurts of ‘here I am’ affection. 🙂

I just need a week of organizing, some help with furniture moving, buying and finding. Hands on help with Mummying and well…i’m about to dash into work right now with an updo.

I do love you and I will tell you all that’s going on…and THERE IS LOTS.  (I’ve just been catfished. And i don’t mean in the sense of ME finding internet love, who turned out to be someone quite different. Crikey. I totally mean, in the sense that the picture someone used WAS ME…EEK! Never good. So now, they think they’ve had whole entire convo’s with ME…but it’s actually been someone completely different…like some bearded man from Timbuktu. (Can’t spell it?)

But, i’ll tell you all about it.

Apparently i have gifts waiting for me at work?

How exciting? We’ll see!

Wunna x



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