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I have new crushes. Oliver Proudlock…who I met when doing The Clothes Show is my new UK crush. (You have to pick new crushes are revive old ones for the New Year. It keeps you alive.) My new American crush and I always have one with me being half Angeleno is Bradley Cooper. He has sort of snook up on me over the years with a *Creep-Wham Bam.* I also quite enjoy an actor. I did used to be married to a now successful one and well it was the best part of being young and in Hollywood. I did that town well! On the other side and I’m far from being a lesbian. I have a past that would prove such that I’m hardly very proud of, but I’ve just decided that Mary Poppins is my girl crush and well as always I have to par her on side with Ellen Degeneres. I had odd taste in women don’t i? But if I had to have a wife…they would be them. Gosh, just because i’ve mentioned lesbians I’m now having weird flashbacks of when I was being stalked by one, who found in a club and started stroking my face without my permission.

Anyway today has been a chill day, a pyjama day and a day where i’ve eased myself back into work. (As you may tell.) I have BOTH the kiddies with me, so doing anything productive is just a no go, however, i’ve managed quite well. I’ve emailed China, I’ve sorted out meeting, appointments and planned my future, being bottle feeds, moans and games of ‘Pop up Pirate’ and ‘Hungry Frog.’ (If you are unaware of such a game, it’s the budget version of ‘Hungry Hippos’)

Ruby’s been bored, as she’s not one to have to stay indoors all day, so she’s made the executive decision to bully and torment her brother ALL DAY LONG. Poor thing. Little Junior’s been the charmer that he is and it’s sad because he always thinks she trying to play with him, when really she’s about to be EVIL. You can tell i’m on my own with them, as they seem to be rather more unruly then normal. Mummy is soft. They get that and run wild with it. But I like that I’m the soft parent, at 2 years and almost 7 months. I can deal with the teen years much better methinks. I WON’T be jolly, soft then!

In regards to the giveaway..obviously I didn’t get them all done, so that will be continuing in the New Year, until all my booty is gone. Some of you have your gifts, some of you don’t. They ARE on their way I promise. I shouldn’t have really holidays and left it to others. But I did, so now I have to do the very glitzy clean up!

My beauty line samples have arrived. Well one of the products. Not that pleased. Needs to be made far better and well I can’t really critique something that isn’t fully finished. So i’m sending them back and asking for a ‘try again.’ Thanks China.

On the job front, I’m sticking to all things glitzy simply because I’m not made for anything mundane. You can have a job that you love and that you’re made for, so do it Don’t just exist and make money. LOVE what you do, as at the end of the day that is what matters most. When  you do…the riches will just accidentally pour in.

I currently have a new phone that I’m trying to work. The Onetouch Scribe. I’m rubbish at making things work and a bugger for passing something new to someone else and making them make it work for me, before they hand it back. Great phone. Very snazzy. Will be telling you more about it when I can figure it out. I’m a techy spaz.

Both babies are currently asleep and well this year I sort of have to build up my profile, do something great, yet all at the same time stay low key and focused, without being all ‘out there.’ How impossible is that!!!  I’ve also decided that I want to go to the Caribbean this year, simply because I need it in my life and all my friends have either just come back, been or are going this next year. You lot can do Tenerife or dodgy pills in Ibiza. I’m getting me some ‘rumting’ rays with a side of ‘duttywind.’ All other holidays will be at the forest.

Money year, hopefully. Beginning of success year, maybe?

Still trying to chill before getting stressed, as it’ snot the first yet and well what more can I do but watch Mary Poppins, grab a vino and be excited to celebrate New Years eve with my family, my ‘Winkles,’ my Baby Junior, who actually turns 7 months at 12.01. I always remember the times my parents would stay up until late with me throughout my childhood, just to ring in the New Year. It was magical. I loved it and want to tradition it through my kids.

Okay, off now. Just blasted out a quick one whilst the babies were asleep. Now for wine. Hope I will the Euromillons this year!



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