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Well today’s one of those days where in which i’m hoping to hear good news. Last night, the first batch of good flying news was delivered, which sort of made me realize that maybe everything DOES happen for a reason…it actually made me cry. I used to NEVER be one to have a weep if I was happy. I never understood why people cried when chipper. Now that i’m an oldie and a Mum…and well..an oldie :)…and maybe more BAD things have occurred in life, like little, fun, trips ups, I now APPRECIATE good news a great deal more. I’m far less *swag-shrug-oh more great stuff* these days..:) and more GRATEFUL for any messenger who wants to deliver ‘happy endings.’ (And no…not that kind of ‘happy.’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Today, (although the news is based on a running process, so target by target, news should ‘hit’ on it like little joy bullets,) i should hear the icing on the cake, that bit that will solidify a *stomp* of ‘hell yeah,’ which will prove that if you put your mind to ANYTHING, get organized and work as a team, powered by love, good intentions and determination…you can make anything happen and in the shortest amount of time! Even if the tunnel ain’t got no light. ๐Ÿ™‚ And well, even if the task seems somewhat impossible. Get ya head around the round…(how many MORE dirty innuendos can I accidentally produce) and go for it.

Flashback: ( Ruby’s first words of ‘morning’ to me where…)

‘Mum, I want my dad..’

‘Gee, thanks. Why?’

‘You’re scary. Get me dad.’

(Then she giggles and runs off….under the presumption that she may have wound me up. Lol. I think she’ll learn that it’s gonna take a bit more than that, to make Mama’s skin crawl! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your Mother is Chrissie Wunna, DARLING, not ‘Cry Baby, Cotton Socks.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Other than all that, i’m looking through my stuff and decided what i’m going to get rid of. Obviously, i’m moving and when you move you don’t want to be taking ‘stuff that doesn’t matter’ with you. JUNK! Be it material, emotional or…well I guess I have to take my ego…so that’ll be the hardest thing to reckon with. I’m not a hoarder anyway, I enjoy throwing things away. Yet, due the types of things i’m throwing out, I’ve been told that I should just sell for cheap, so that I have extra dollar in my pretty pink pocket. So, I believe that that’s what’s going down? It’s tedious for me, as I enjoy the ‘others giving me money’ part, but can’t be bothered with the ‘gathering the bits to sell.’ If not, all i’ll end up doing is yanking in the giant skip brigade and well then i won’t have that extra couple hundred squids….which would be stupid really, as I mean that could ride the children on the Peppa Pig rocket at Doncaster two hundred times. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, wish me luck, because i’ll need it. I’ve worked hard, but remained patient. I think i have luck on my side. So yeah…let’s see. I’m still nervous because until it’s all complete I can’t chill. I’m a worrier. I’m always a worrier.

If I get that great news phone call today. I am then, ‘s’ for sorted.


Wunna x

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